New 2k amp recommendations

NAC72 hicap NAP250 all olive :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Cheers Debs, got Naim in the other system so was always likely to go for something else to supplement my Densen gear.

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It’s a great looking amp. And, if they’re recent decks are anything to go by, should sound great!

For £2k secondhand you can buy a relatively young Bryston 3B or an older Bryston 4B (which have 20 year warranties), though they are not frequently available in Britain.

Cheers IB, this is to replace 25 plus year old Densen gear so not wanting to swap one aged but loved platform for another.

I’ll be contacting Densen to see what is possible and in actual fact the integrated when not used as a pre amp sounds pristine , power amp however needs some tlc.

Integrated spent much of its life as a passive pre amp before installing the phono stage to it about 4 years ago, so probably led a lazy life from power perspective.

You just need the matching SL-1210 turntable for that amp now :wink:

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No NAD recommendations so far?

Yup, that realisation has been dawning on me, that way can assemble a Japanese influenced system in the cabin and British on the house.

I also expected Rega to feature more.

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This is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve got the Naim system with PMC for the British system. And then a few other “Yokohama” made systems. Each with distinct charms.

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Hi n-lot, its been a real surprise. Ok, I had seen various reviews, both online and in the established publications. I saw the review back in 21 of it’s big brother so when Stereophile reviewed this in as I recall their July 22 edition it piqued my interest.

Have to say I pretty stunned so far. It has a vast soundstage, but each instrument is clearly defined, the recent John Coltrane reissues of Blue Train The Complete Masters really show off its strengths, at that is via a phono stage that I was ready to accept might be mediocre, especially given its near heretic position of digitizing the signal. Its actually made the AT 540ML cart on my P3 sound incredible, everything comes from a totally silent background.

One area that I saw in reviews that I would say is wrong, or is incorrectly described is that one reviewer said its pointless having expensive DAC’s upstream of this as the Technics will render them null and void as the signal is digitised once it arrives.

Taking this at face value I connected my Rega Apollo straight in to the Coax connection, and it sounded decent. Anyway whilst mulling over the phono performance I started thinking about how better cartridge might fare and also MC options (I have a Rega Ania on P6 in the Naim system via a Aria phono). This made me then think of upstream digital improvements so I put my MF MX-DAC back in the mix and connected the Apollo to this and then into the Technics via the analogue inputs as opposed to Coax. Well this transformed CD sound and its stayed that way since.

Gobsmacked at how good this amp is, the dynamic contrasts it is capable off really are the stand out for me. I’m using it with the speaker optimisation turned on. (LAPC I think it is called).


I really like these. Not only do I like the styling (VU metres) that’s similar to the Yamaha line but also the very clever engineering inside:

Spec wise is doubles its output in 4ohms which indicates good current reserves.
By all accounts a very clean and clear yet vice-less sound.
The speaker impedance matching circuit which sounds similar in concept to what Cyrus use in the Lyric and One series. This is a very clever technology that goes along way towards mitigating speaker matching issues and also addresses the way that Class D amps have different frequency response curves depending upon speaker load.

There are many good amplifiers at this price range, each having its own strongpoints but this one does many things differently. Good choice.

Do Densen service amplifiers? Perhaps a service and a few choice component upgrades might lift the power amp’s performance? I personally wouldn’t sell. Keep them, service them and then ‘amp roll’ as you have 3 amplifier combinations that most people who be more than happy to own.

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Hi Alex, yeah I will be on to Densen for the power amp to see what options they have. A couple of years ago (actually could be longer in truth, covid time distortion may be in effect) they re-released a small batch of special edition B200-B300 pre powers because they had enough pre owned chassis, nearly went for one then as the price was very decent.

I’ll always keep asking them if there is a DM-10 kicking about too.

The integrated is in perfect state and still is an amazing sounding amp. Very interesting to compare the Densen and the Technics.

Densen has great drive and excitement, its fun and makes music enjoyable.

The Technics takes a different approach and much bigger soundstage with much greater dynamic variations, it can do exciting too.

Two good choices, just different.

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Hey Chocky,

These are designed in Japan but made in Malaysia, the bigger brother the 1000 I think is made in Japan. Build quality is excellent, no complaints there.

Manual is a bit lacking on explanation, but their English is way better than my Japanese so not going to get sniffy there.


Wonderful @Adam1 .

Good choice.
I love mine.




Cheers Neil, your recommendation played a big part in taking the plunge. I’d seen all the good reviews and at least they tallied with each other for the most part, but a lot (particularly online, youtube ones) of reviews are always so “great new thing”.

I’m genuinely pretty stunned at how good it is, reckon I might give the Rp6 a go in place of the P3 this weekend to see how the MC Aria sounds on it.

Seriously wondering how good the 1000 must be at its price point.


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Have a look at the TomTom Audio site. They have some lovely, fully serviced Naim amps. The proprietor (James Allney) is a true gent, very knowledgable, and able to find just about anything from Naim that you might want.

I have no interest, other than being a (very) satisfied customer, having just bought a lovely new pair of cherrywood Falcon LS3/5A loudspeakers from them.

Cheers Graham, long term customer myself, most of my gear is from there. Totally agree with all your sentiments as well.

He is a bit tense at the moment, but that’s down to his football team playing with his nerves :slight_smile:

Looks very accomplished in your surroundings, nice visual match for the Rega.

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