New BONN NX switch

Silent Angel produced recently its top network switch, the NX. Around 4 k euros, made in China. It can be improved by an external ps.
With a Sean Jacobs DC4, you can have a 8 k switch. Ouch !

The view inside.

Can’t comment on the inside, but I hope someone will.

Chinese air…….lots of it……not Salisbury air though. Might sound fantastic?

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Lot of air for 4k , I agree. Salisbury switch, you have to wait 15 hours now. I would not bet on it personally.

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But the casing is nice

Picture from Silent Bonn site

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We just had a short discussion about it in comparison with the LHY Switch (if interested „Click here“.)

It does look rather nice.

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There is really very little to it.

Left board is the network switch.

Right board is a choke filter plus AC/DC converter providing two power feeds to switch board. Thin black cable takes clock to switch board.

Both filter and AC/DC converter are bypassable via DC jack when external PSU connected.

Similarly clock module bypassable by external clock signal.

There is very little internally in any of these esoteric switches.

What benefit, if any, such a switch would provide is discussed in detail on the other thread linked above.

A Cisco 2960 has the same logical components on two boards too…

The premium for all the additional air space isn’t reassuringly high enough for me.


When you see a Statement amp being built by hand, extremely expensive……but very little Salisbury air.


I would love to have a better switch, bu in my view the charged prices are to much inflated, they could have a good effect on the sound, but what makes the inside of this switch and box have to worth 4K?

I am sure the 4K invested in other components could be better spent.

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