New Cart for RP 10

I need to replace my Aphetta 2 and am going to try a non Rega cartridge with a low output moving coil alternative.

Options I’m looking at are Micro Benz ACE, Micro Benz Glider, Hana SL, and Dynavector 20XX2.

The dealer I’m working with think that all the above work well with Rega tables, and feels the ACE offers the best value and all around performance. It’s also the lease expensive option… although there isn’t that much between all of them… the price range is about $900 CAN - $1200 CAN depending which way I go.

Anyone with any thoughts or experience with any of the above and Rega turntables? Any feedback appreciated.

The rest of my system… 552 DR / 250 / Superline (powered by 552) / NDX 2/ SL speaker cables / Sopra 2’s

I use a Lyra Delos. Around 1k. Works very well with rega arm and it’s a superb cart for its price.
I have the rp10.

I have a Dynavector 20X2L on my RB808 arm and it sounds great on my Michell Syncro. I’d expect the 20XX2 to sound a little better.

If I hadn’t gone for the Rega Apheta2 I’d probably have chosen a Lyra Delos or Helikon (if I could find one).

The three point mounting of the RB2000 does though rather favour using a Rega cart, and I’ve really enjoyed the Apheta 2. I might go for the new Apheta 3 next. I fear that anything else might just come across as a bit slow and dull after the Apheta 2, so be careful…

Having had a apheta 2 on my P8, which i enjoyed, i would say that the apheta 3 is worth a try.
I have this on the P10 and find its extra detail very nice, yes some off the extra will be the P10, but the cartridge must be doing over 50% of the upgrade?
So as you have a rega RP10 its got to be 1st choice to try and then more on if its to your liking

Do they all work on a Rega arm without a shim?

I have a 2mm shim with my rb808 and Benz micro ace, as recommended from the place from which I bought it.

What’s the trade in deal against an apheta 3? That will be the best value, I’ve seen nearly half the price off a new cartridge quoted when it was a 2 for a 2 but then if the driver is curiosity that might not matter.

I have an Apheta 1 on an RP10 which was rebuilt by Rega when the suspension collapsed. Its effectively an Apheta 2 in an Apheta 1 body.

When i got it the difference from My old Dynavector 20xl was staggering

Have always wondered what the XX2 would be like and the Lyra gets rave reviews although some say its bright which is probably similar to what I have now.

Will the Apheta 3 be a step up on the Apheta 1? Be interesting to know what the trade in would be

I had a P9 RB1000 DV XX2 Mk2 with 2mm shim…for what was the best possible height…I took the shim off and the sound/music was soooooo much better. I now have a P10 with Apheta 3 and the music is sublime. Beware of shims!

Steeleye Span - Ten-Man-Mop-Or-Mr-Reservoir-Butler-Rides-Again - vinyl

My first purchase in 1972. First played on my then fiancé’s Dansette. When I was on Horseback is very haunting with superb but simple guitar playing. They are under values compared to FC, which means the vinyl can be had for less than a fiver.

Oophs! Wrong thread, but my RP10/Aphelion/Aria + PowerLine and Superlumina RCA to DIN is hard to beat.


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I’m pretty sure I read somewhere words to the effect that Rega are not keen on shims since they believe they compromise the mechanical integrity of the the arm fixing. Does anyone else recall this?

If this is Rega’s rationale, then for me anyway, the empirical evidence (from my ears) would support the supposition. Hands down better without shims.

Aphelion is v good if budget permits, but Apheta 3 may now represent better bang for buck… would be an interesting comparison. I’ve no experience of non Rega with RP10.

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I use the Benz Ace S without shim on my Rega P8. No problem for me. Can really recommend the Benz which to my ears sounds lovely. Does not sound dull or to bass heavy at all so I have no thoughts on adding shims to it.

Yes, Rega claims rigidity is far more important to the sound than 2mm shims since that change the angle at the tip with like 1 degree or something which is less of a change compared to the different thickness of records or the wobble of a record. I had shims on my RP6 but left it out on my P8. Sounds awesome without shim to my ears so I will go for the Rega philosophy this time around.

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Perceptions of SQ are often attributed wrongly because the setup is pulled down elsewhere. I’ve been sorting out mains cables and mains block, and what plugs in where. A recent change has had a big impact. Mostly I think to do with the RP10 TT PSU.


I have tried my rega rp10 outside and inside the hifi powerblock, and preferred inside, same powerblock as electronics and streamer and melco.

As far Lyra Delos, I don’t it find bright at all. However it’s not on the romantic side as Benz or Koetsu.
Dynamic, involved, fluid, and very well balanced.

Those jury rigged shims give me pause, too. Having heard the Rega’s new carts (Apheta 2 & Ania ) last year, I was so impressed now I am curious to hear their Aphelion. New range of Rega carts seems so much better than their old models. Do you know what was improved on the Apheta 3 from 2?