New Cart for RP 10

Aphelion 2 might be in making. They upped the ante on a cartridge game with Apheta 3.

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I did not find Delos bright either, however I wanted more bass than it offered. Well balanced little cartridge thought was a very good VFM at that time. But now at 2k USD ( unless they made some improvements since the inception ), Apheta provides a little more flesh and is a better deal, IMHO. I’d also try Linn Krystal. It would be interesting to compare those two.

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From what I can gather, the 3 gets a better (fine line) stylus.

From a nude elliptical?

From a vital profile.

oh… hmm… thanks.

All depends on the phono you use. For me the Lyra is faster vs the Apheta 2, and more refined.

You can say I like a chunky sound than thin. I did not find an Apheta 2 particularly slow either. A Superline is used for both demos. But Delos was on Sondek/ARO and the latter was on P8 and whatever the arm the deck comes with. ( Sorry I am not up on Rega product line ) :stuck_out_tongue:

You use Superline, I use an all tube phono stage from Ear Yoshino ( 912). So differences may be explained here.
Have you tried the Delos on the rega arm, different from the Aro too, ?

I found the opposite - the Apheta 2 was appreciably faster and more “seat of the pants” than the Delos, while the Lyra was a bit sweeter and a bit more lyrical. Albeit experienced not on the same deck or at the same time.

I’m very interested in hearing the Apheta 3…

ah… that will fatten up the sound so possible that Apheta sounded a tad slow to you. Have you tried a Superline?

I have not tried a Delos on a Rega arm. Delos was a good VFM sub 2kUSD category, but now they have too many good carts in the same price range.

I heard the Apheta 2 on rega rp10 and rega phono. I bought the rega but left the Apheta 2 at dealer place. I preferred the more refined and fluid sound of the Delos on the Rega rp10 and ear 912.
However I have not tested the Apheta with the Ear phono .

We all know that synergy between components is vital…much more so with a TT…after all, said synergy starts with TT plus arm plus cartridge plus phono stage, before we ever get to amps plus speakers plus room. Yet a long audition at home of an expensive cartridge is not easy to arrange!..maybe best to leave it to the manufacturer. My P10 plus Apheta 3 works!

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P10, apheta 3 and rega aura, a match made in heaven and sounds sublime

Thanks for all the feedback!

Like all things hifi… horses for courses from the sounds of things. If cost were no object, I’d go with an Aphetta 3… currently I’m weighing whether I go with an unshimmed Benz or Dyna… or do I cough up another $400 ish and stick with what I know (Aphetta 2). We’ll see… will report back when I make the final choice later this month.

Rega will rebuild the cartridge for about half the new price for UK customers.

A match made in Essex.


A new option to consider?

The original Ania was great for 750USD. If a budget is right, def. a possibility.
You don’t get the details and dynamics of Apheta, but so long as you don’t do AB it can be doable. Certainly will be livelier than Benzzz or Dyna XX2. ( no dealing with Hana SL )

Benz are really boring. If I was listening only to voices or chamber music or soft jazz trio, I would much prefer Koetsu. Benz has no great dynamics and involvement neither somptuous Koetsu midrange.