New Cart for RP 10

Well boring certainly won’t do. I’ll need to do some critical listening / comparing… may need to splash out the extra on the Rega.

It was only my opinion. Some love the Benz. I am more Lyra and Van den Hull.
But Rega are good, but nothing special. Their turntables are special.

I used to think so, too.
But current range of Rega cartridges I have heard with a Superline were very good.

I use a Koetsu Black with my RP 10. It fits perfectly without a shim. I love the warm sound.

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I was surprised to see Rega recommending this as a ‘complementary product’ for their Planar 3, on their website. Seems we have come a long way from my own Linn K9 on my one-time Planar 3 :slight_smile:

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