New clamps for used Naim Fraim

Does anybody know how to get a set of plastic cups to center the glass. One lost. I would take a good advice on how tu glue them too… Thanks in advance.
Fraim proved itself much welcome as of the first minutes of listening, nothing new …

Jean-Michel, your Naim dealer should be able to supply some replacement Fraim glass protectors. However, unless you really need them (usually due to children or other family members) then I would do without them as any accidental touching of the plastic protector to the ball results in impaired performance of the Fraim.

p.s. inside the box should be a paper template to help you see where to stick the protectors on the glass.

Richard, interesting! Would the glass identically better not touch the metal stick in the back? Best

The metal post is just there to help you position the glass and offer some protection from it sliding too far back. The glass should not touch the post. The glass should be lined up with its front edge parallel to the wooden edge.

See the FAQ on Fraim build/setup here on the forum;

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I agree. Don’t bother with gluing the cup guides to the glass. It looks better without and you’ll still need to realign now and then anyway, to keep the balls from touching. I have a record brush I use to align the front (glass, gear and shelf) together to keep it looking tidy. As soon as I get it perfect my 90 lb. rottie hip-checks it, knocking it amiss once again. Rinse and repeat. :rofl:

Im another one who does not use the little plastic positioners.

I do use them as I have 2 young children but they don’t seem too bothered by the Fraim stacks. Weird as they are into everything else. Better safe than sorry! I check every few days for touching. It takes only a few seconds and they never are! They do help me know the perfect position without getting anal with a tape measure though.

Ouch! :hot_face:

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