New Classic 300 Series - Standby

To add to the confusion is instant on only an issue for the power amps? I have changed the switch on my 332 in the beginning and in both situations the amp seem to turn itself off after nbeing left with no input for the amount of time specified. Usually sleep is ok in my wworld, but instant on would have been nice during the first few weeks.

Thanks Mark.


I don’t think so, the highlighted text in my first post is from the 332 manual. If you’ve changed yours to instant on and the amp is still set to the default auto standby then the pre should keep the amp powered up as well.

Spoke to Naim technical support today and got an answer for a couple of things mentioned above.

Regarding the standby switch on the rear of the units, it can be switched from auto standby to instant on while the unit is powered on, however switching from instant on to auto standby requires a power cycle. So that rules out @robert_h’s suggestion earlier :confused:

The issue regarding the AV bypass does sound like an oversight and he will raise it internally. However it may need to be a dealer upgrade thing if they warrant it important enough. It is to me.

On the question about disconnecting from the mains when using instant on, seems like pulling the plug (even though they’re fully powered and the manual says to avoid doing that) is the way to do it, in the order of power amp, pre amp, pre amp power supply, source, source power supply and reverse for reconnecting. So same as the Classic boxes.

In our phone conversation he didn’t sound to be completely sure so I’ve asked for confirmation by email.

It would be nice if we could get a reply like the following for the 300 series as they appear to be different.

I had hoped before reading the manual that the New Classic boxes would work in the same way :confused:


I use 4 if NC250 in my active setup . It is fed from a Linn xover . I have done a bit of cable changing whilst getting the the setup sorted ( had temp line to balanced cables until the shawlines arrived .)I simply press the front illuminated switch to power down to a state suitable for cable swapping . Naim logo off but illuminated switch still shows amp connected to mains . I always check to make sure the tweeter is dead ie no hiss .

Just looked at the 250 manual and it sounds like it’s the same as the Nait50 … I’d still completely unplug it before changing cables though! :upside_down_face:

I’ve changed the topic title as it seems the 300 series is different for some strange reason … or the manual is wrong.

I had a reply from tech support yesterday, he ran my questions by the R&D department to be sure.

Q: Pressing standby only turns off the logo, leaving the unit fully powered as stated in the 332 manual?

A: Yes, that’s correct, although a long press will put it into standby.

Q: Is this the same for the 350s and 333 as the above is not mentioned in their manuals?

A: Yes, and a long press of standby will also put these into standby too.

Q: To disconnect from the mains you just pull the plug for each unit in the recommended order? Doesn’t make a difference if in standby or not due to the above?

A: Yes, just pull the plug and no, the order won’t matter.

My last question was based on my previous conversation with tech support which seemed to imply that pulling the plug from the instant on standby was ok. The reply would suggest that this was incorrect and that this should only be done when in full standby from a long press of the button, which makes more sense of course.

So this leaves me with one obvious question, why on earth is this not in the manuals?


Looks like you’re correct @Osiris :+1:

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Thanks for this, until now I was still wondering if I can unplug the power cable when the 250 is on standby.

Glad it helped. It’s crazy that we even have to ask questions like this, such an important thing has to be clearly laid out in the manuals surely?


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