New Classic 300 Series - Standby

I like the standby feature of the New Classic range, and the way the system automation allows everything to be switched on and off in the right order, it’s a nice touch and more environmentally friendly.

I do have a question about the “Instant On” setting and disconnecting from the mains if you’re going away for a few days, lightning is forecast or just need to change the wiring, all the usual reasons.

So if you’re using “Auto Standby” mode you press the standby button on the remote and all the boxes go into standby, you can then pull the plugs to disconnect from the mains. All nice and easy.

The question is what do you do when you’re using “Instant On”? The manual states that pressing the standby button only switches off the logo, leaving the units fully powered on. It also says to avoid using the mains plug to switch off. So what do you do in this situation?

Here’s the relevant section from the manual, what am I missing?!

I found the same confusion with both my Atom HE an NC 222/250 :thinking:.

As far as I can tell;

  1. Pressing the power button on the unit or the remote places the unit in ‘hot’ standby; ie pressing the power button on the unit or the remote will bring it back online and the unit remains visible in the Focal-Naim App.

  2. Pressing the power button on the unit for more than 3 seconds places the unit into low power consumption ‘deep’ standby, no longer visible in the Focal-Naim App and cannot be brought online with the remote power button. You must press to power button on the unit to switch it on again.

Of course, I may be completely wrong about this :smirk:, it’s just what I’ve found, or perhaps appeared to find……


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Flick it to auto standby, and then power down?

Hi, I was beginning to think I was the only one that found this unclear :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t see anything in the manuals for the 332/350 or 222/250 that mentions holding down the button, or deep sleep, where did you find this out?!


I wondered about that, I guess that switch is ok to use while the unit is powered on :thinking:

Anyone that’s using “Instant On” … what do you do?


IIRC Steve Sells went through this on one of the New Classic threads, if you have a search around you may find it

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Ok thanks, I’ll see if I can find it! :grimacing:

I think Steve Harris (stevesky) posted about the instant on functionality, so possibly worth searching for both Steves (Mr Sells being 110db) with appropriate other search terms.

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I’m trawling through all the posts I can find, lots of explanations of how the two modes work but haven’t seen anything yet about disconnecting from “Instant On”

I did find a post that confirms something else for me, that the source (332 in my case) overrides the setting on the power amps, so if they’re set to “Auto Standby” and the pre is set to “Instant On” then the amps will not go into standby. That’s nice.

This is the post I was referring to above, only post from Steve that I can see regarding standby modes

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I can’t remember this specific question coming up, but wouldn’t necessarily remember it as I’m not an NC owner (I have olive amps). It’s possible one of @110db or @stevesky has time to answer during the week, I’ve tagged them here. (Not sure whether this comes under hardware or software. :grinning:)

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I think it was in an early review of the Uniti Atom, but I can’t really remember :thinking:.

When I received my 222/250 and set them up for automation, I just tried it and it appears to work - perhaps @Stevesky or @110dB might confirm next week?


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Cheers @Eoink, would be good to get clarification on this, I’ll keep “Auto Standby” on with the radio playing until then, would hate to pull the plug on fully powered boxes thinking they’re in low power standby :grimacing:

I think @robert_h‘s suggestion above is the most likely solution.

I suspect this actually means “don’t surprise the amp by switching it off at the wall. Press the front panel standby button first so it can put itself to standby properly. Then you can switch off at the wall. Doesn’t matter if it’s in “instant on” mode or auto standby mode.”


Ok so it sounds like there could be different behaviour when using system automation and the front panel buttons, system automation just turns off the logo and the buttons put it into full standby … I think :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit … although I’ve reread it and it says turn off from the pre (i.e. system automation) or the front panel buttons … my head hurts :wink:

I’ll try phoning Naim support to get a definitive answer on this.

Another issue, got my AV system setup after relocating it and when using AV bypass (Unity Gain) it goes into standby after 20 mins cutting off the front speakers :angry:

Nothing going through the preamp! So it goes into standby automatically. You’ll need to put in on “instant on”.

Yes but I’d like to use auto standby, so this is a bit of an issue for me. Seems like when the input is set to AV and unity gain is set (you have to set it) then auto standby should be disabled automatically, a bit of an oversight really.

2 questions:

  • when the NC 250 is on standby, what is the average time for reaching its full potential when it’s fully powered again?
  • can I unplug the power cord when the 250 is on standby? Is it safe?

Hi, it’s probably dependent on how long it has been in standby, the few times I’ve had to wake mine I’ve usually left them playing quietly in the background for an hour or so … so nothing remotely scientific :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding unplugging, if your 250 is set to auto standby then pulling the plug when it’s in standby is safe. If it’s set to instant on then it’s not so clear, to me at least, from what I highlighted in the first post.

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