New Classic legacy cable deal

A U.K. dealer chain has just mailed me an offer, for existing owners of Classic systems they will provide the Naim legacy cabling required (signal cables and Burndies) to any New Classic you buy from them.
@Richard.Dane I think this is OK under forum rules, if it’s not please accept my apologies in advance.


That’s fine Eoin.

As it’s obviously now out there and being posted out by dealers, I’ve posted details here;


And what an excellent idea it is too. I can imagine that having to buy an old/new interconnect, only for it to become redundant once both olds are replaced with new, is quite a disincentive to change. It’s clearly good for both the customer and for Naim.


Wow…!! That seems like a very good offer, to me… :open_mouth:

Well done, Naim…!! :slightly_smiling_face:

What will be the interconnect required I mean the part number to connect between the supernait 3 (bi amp) and Nap 250-3. It will be 4 din to Xlr but will be great if I have the exact part number.

For DIN4 to Balanced XLRs you will want the Interconnect, Legacy PS 4-DIN to New Classic PA XLR pair.; 00-010-0244

Thank you @Richard.Dane, there is a confusion hence this query. There is one more interconnect on the page which ends with xxxx250 and the one you suggested is xxx244 which says legacy PS does it mean power supply? You know better but just to re confirm.

The cable shown in the video is different which is connected from SN3 to 250-3

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Yes, it looks like you’re right - the Supernait has only a single DIN4 out so it’s probably the 0250 as the 0244 says it’s a pair - probably a pair of cables rather than just a pair of XLRs. As were, best to confirm with your dealer to be sure.


As someone who bought a lead to run my 250DR with my 222 I am slightly miffed by this as it will hit the resale value of my cable when I upgrade to a NC250. If I had known it was coming, would I have waited? No way, my 222/300 has come fully on song now and I am loving it even more and the new 250 will just add to this.

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What is the time limit on this offer, do we know?

These Naim offers that are U.K.-only are the kind of thing that turns me off on upgrading any of my Naim gear. Naim is already expensive enough in the U.S. and very painful to demo. Not getting the promos the U.K. customer get is just fuel on the fire. And what makes it silly is that the U.S. distributor isn’t an independent. Focal Naim America has the same owners.

I’m happy with what I have now but – TBH – at this point if I ever feel compelled to upgrade I think I would jump over to Boulder.


Will there be any encouragement for International customers outside the UK?


UK offer only, yet again. And now there is no Naim distributer for New Zealand and Australia either, so you can’t even buy the new classic gear, let along get a free cable.

It’s very disappointing to see Naim abandon what was once a very dedicated market for them.

Doesn’t even look like the US is fairing much better.


No, see my comments above.

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They did offer the same discounts in the US as they did in the UK and I took advantage to pick up a SuperCap DR.

I do not think it will sit well with international customers knowing they can not get the same product offerings and corporate discount offerings. Just leaves a bad taste in the mouth and may motivate current customer base to explore other brands. Time will tell…


The trouble I had getting a demo of a Superline in the U.S. a few years ago was a wake up call to how much worse it is with Vervent (Focal-Naim) owning the North America distributorship. When it was Audio Plus Services my dealer could get demo components for me easily. But after Focal-Naim took over, when I wanted to get that Superline for demo, it was like pulling teeth and almost never happened. I don’t expect to ever hear a 300 system unless I buy it first. I think I would jump brand rather than upgrade at this point.


It’s being offered by Naim as UK distributor, so any offer outside the UK would be up to the distributor for that region.

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You are correct the PS is for power supply.

We don’t have one (a distributor that is)…… Not sure Naim are supporting the non-UK market as well as they used to.


Mike, I appreciate that for NZ and Australia the distribution appears to be undergoing some change at the moment. Unfortunately, in my experience, such changes always take time and often there are hurdles to overcome along the way. I would suggest keeping in touch with your Naim dealer and hopefully the situation will progress and improve before too long.