New Firmware update v. 3.6.0

It was like this on iOS 14, which I preferred:

Think you still can have it like that, after the upgrade my home page was like that but I removed them as I normally just have the Naim app open.

The difference seems to be the background now goes opaque when you slide the widgets over if you don’t have any on the main screen?

I just had a look in menu there doesn’t seem anything that’d help.

Unfortunately, it seems to be another example of Apple announcing a new feature that looks like it will be better and more useful than what it replaces, only for that not to be the case when you start to use it…… A bit like the hi-res in Apple Music that actually can’t be used without pretty yanky work-arounds.

Indeed - seems the new widgets support less functionality than the old ones.

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Can you move the other widgets back into the side bar, to get back the old look?
Seems the old widgets need to stay there, so splitting the widgets (side bar vs. home screen) likely leeds to this your current situation?

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I tried that, but you are limited in what widgets can go in the side bar - you are forced to put the newer ones on the main screen. And then when you slide the side bar over, the rest of the screen goes opaque, so it’s a bit of one or the over unfortunately. I wonder if there is an option to change the behaviour in the settings?

On 14 you could still put everything into the side bar. (On iPhone, I think iPad only fully caught up with iPhine with he 15 release. Haven’t yet updated my devices, waiting out the first weeks with weekly bug fix updates.)
On iOS 14, you edit Home Screen while the side bar is displayed and then there’s a + symbol at the top.
The “edit → adapt” (or whatever it is called in English) button at the bottom only manages the legacy widgets.

On iPadOS 14 there’s an option to use the sidebar either as overlay (shading the other content) or “keep it in sight” (only when using the view with more icons).
Not sure, which options they offer on 15.

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