New Firmware update v. 3.6.0

Glad you’re sorted now! And yes, Qobuz and TIDAL need to be selected from inside the Naim App.

Very soon you’ll also be able to stream directly from the TIDAL App, too, as our TIDAL Connect implementation goes live in Firmware 3.7, which is in final listening stage before release.

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Odd though it may seem, the current streamers cannot control the Server, Qobuz or Tidal inputs using the remote. Quite why this functionality, which worked perfectly well on the old streamers despite the more basic screen, was removed is a mystery.


Just been pinged for the 3.7 firmware update! Go on some body else try it first!

Sonic improvements were also noticeable last time. My systemsbuilt around the nd5xs2 so a little nervous in case its changed again😐

Plenty people did try, it’s at the end of the “Tidal Connect” thread

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Odd place but thanks

Yeah, it is because Tidal Connect is the main new feature and the most anticipated one, so people have been asking “are we there yet?” for months now, so naturally it continued there :slight_smile:

Just skimmed through. I am looking forward to the better search engine. Maybe tomorrow😁

Does anyone know how to get the Naim widget onto the home screen in iOS15? It might be me, but I can’t get to drag over from the side panel, is this a limitation of the Naim app?

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I think the widget is still an “old style” iOS widget; it also shows in the “list of legacy widgets” on my devices. (Those you cannot close/configure individually, but which appear as 1 block of widgets).
I assume, Naim would have to re-implement it with a newer Apple-API to make it available for placement on home screen.

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Well, unfortunately I’m still in the same boat as you Mark and it seems that our patience hasn’t paid off since the problem persists in firmware 3.7.

Maybe now that Tidal Connect is out the door, the developers can focus on making the HDMI ARC port usable as it was when we purchased the Atom, BEFORE the 3.6 updade?


Wonder if there would be any effect on SQ for 3.7 updates as i recall it was mentioned in this forum that 3.6 do hv effect on the SQ…

The fault may well be with the TV. There were many such cases. HDMI ARC is poorly standardized. Anyone affected should report their TV model to

BTW, to everyone posting in the 3.6 thread about 3.7: The bulk of the 3.7 discussion is in the Tidal Connect thread, and Clare is over there as well

Discussed over there as well

Thats my thought as well. The general consensus with 3.6 was that the bass was greatly improved. That was my experience as well. I really like the balance. Hence why i am nervouse to update.

Did you work out your widget issue.

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No, it seems to be an issue with the Naim app using an outdated widget format.

You’re not talking about the icons/shortcuts on your home screen are you.

I’m not home at the moment, I’ll post a screen shot later.

It’s the widget that you have to add to the list of widgets that you slide across from the left side of the screen. It shows the track playing, art work and had the volume slider and track controls.

I’ve never used that as the info has always been visible in the app. I’ve noticed in the car yesterday (after upgrading) and there was Qobuz was showing in that widget window.

This is how it looks like on an iPad:


I’ve not noticed a change but I don’t use it, it’s still there however it looks like there’s no controls. Opps they are there you just need to tap the arrow but it’s not on my phone.

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