New Firmware update v. 3.6.0

There’a a new firmware update for new platform streamers. Details can be read here;

This thread can be used to post about your update experiences, good as well as bad, although I realise most usually only get moved to post if they run into issues along the way.

Note that the firmware can sometimes take up to 48 hours to become available everywhere, so if you don’t see it immediately, just hang on and it will eventually appear.

And a huge thank you from us all to everybody who took part and did so much towards getting the new firmware through the Beta testing. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

p.s. If you find that your product has disappeared from the Rooms screen after a firmware update, then please see the solution here;


Is it possible to bypass 3.5.1 and go straight to 3.6? I am offered 3.5.1 in the app only. Or must I update twice?

I’ve been told it’s technically fine to jump straight to 3.6, but if that’s not an option in the App, i’d go with the back-to-back updates.

I imagine that once you do the update that’s available you’ll then see the option to move to 3.6. It can’t go wrong so just go ahead.

@Naim.Marketing are you running iOS 14.4.1? Apple just released iOS 14.4.1 yesterday. The new firmware seems not to connect with the Naim App on iOS 14.4.1 on my Nova. My wife is still on iOS 14.4 and there everthing is fine.

No, i’m on 14.4 - no iOS update visible for my iPhone yet.

  • Fixed: Qobuz playback could stop on track transitions

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After a iOS update if you get odd network issues it can be worth resetting the network settings.

iOS > Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

You will have to reconnect to your Wi-Fi and re-enter your Wi-Fi password after doing this.

I just updated my Star and use 14.4.1 on my iPad without any issues.

Updated NDX2 from the latest beta version to release version, all fine. And allow me to say this one time: “sounds great” :wink:

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Just update my ND555, on restart slight panic trying to connect through the app as it couldn’t find the streamer and suggested adding as new. Rebooted my router to no effect, then changed the batteries in the Naim remote and hey presto !
Can’t speak as to any difference in sound quality.

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Great to get a new update with a number of fixes. However, was hoping for Tidal Connect so that Tidal Masters can be streamed. Is their still an intention to update streamers with Tidal Connect at some stage in the future?


Yes, TIDAL Connect is incoming. Just wanted to get this release out first. You have a summer of new streaming options to look forward to…


Just updated my Nova. All went well except had to turn off and restart the iPad for it appear in rooms on the Naim app. All sounds and looks great.

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Tidal Connect will allow Masters to be streamed in better than CD quality?

No, TIDAL Connect allows you to stream directly from the TIDAL App, rather than natively within the Naim App, should you prefer.

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Claire I appreciate that this latest release was to sort the bugs and not necessarily a feature update, do you know if there is any intention to upgrade and enhance the screen functionality? it’s a real bugbear of mine.


If you haven’t already suggested it here on the Feature Request thread, please do so - I know the software team read it avidly


I had the same thing with NDX 2. When updated the device disappeared from the list of the rooms and had to be added again.

The Atom I had at the same network updated without any issues

Update went well here on my Atom and everything is working fine so far …
Thank you.

Check that you have “allow when using app” for the Naim app in location services in your iPhone. Apple messed around with that in recent releases and I just found I had to confirm it again when I ran the app on an iphone that had been updated to IOS 14.4.1