New firmware update

@Richard.Dane, please, is ‘’ their mail adress…?

I got the same error code on my Nova. Unplugging and the reconnecting allowed the update to complete. Hope this works for you too.

Hi yes I have just done the same,seems to be okay,cheers.

No one mentioning if this sight is a keeper or not…please let me switch between views. It’s the small things xximage

Sorry came out very blurry, I’m referring to the Naim mark on the update screen…can I keep that on

Contact Information

For help with all Naim product installation and operation please use the following details:
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405

Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

Was this a hint Richard…or referring to previous x

I posted on another thread over the weekend advising someone to wait for the new firmware in connection with their screen freezes with a Nova.

As a Beta tester I felt a bit frustrated not being able to say that the screen freeze problem appears to be 100% fixed.

I have been using the current Betas for 3 months now & am delighted to say that I have had no screen problems whatsoever. These had plagued me since my purchase of a Nova in May 2019 &, occurring in one form or another every three or four days, & were beginning to spoil my enjoyment of what was otherwise a fantastic product.

I therefore hope this firmware upgrade brings the same level of satisfaction to non-Beta testers who have suffered screen freeze problems, as it has to me.

As a slight aside, I am 64, got 3 A levels back in the day & owned a successful business employing 23 people for over 20 years prior to retirement. Despite all this I still don’t understand the difference between Presets & Favourites & whether or not I should be at all concerned about this! I note from comments above in this thread that I am not alone here.

Just hope I never feel a real need to use them more than I do at present.

Screen freeze fix is all I needed to keep me happy.


I have the same, however underneath the errorcode 320 message there is a big “OK” button. I don’t know how to remove this (by the way I have a Uniti Atom). Does anybody knows what to do? I have unplugged internet cable and reconnected as mentioned, but no change unfortunately. Not sure I should pull the power cable as well. Ideas?

Album tab is frequently disappearing from my favourites view on NDX2, closing/opening app rectifies. Very annoying that sorting selection by date added etc is not stored and defaults every time you reopen the app. Still no screen improvements either which is disappointing


Sorry not to be clear in my previous message. It was the power cord I pulled, not the Ethernet cable.

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Thanks! That did work.

I’m happy with the latest update not sure if it’s just me but seems like the app is more responsive and the presets feature is more useful than what I thought I like how I can add playlists, radio stations and albums in one place and can juggle them around to my preference of order.

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Just to say the firmware update took about 5 minutes and went perfectly on my ND5XS2 and all is good.

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I got the same code on my Uniti Star, searched this forum and came across Blimoos6’s reply - did the unplugging and all working fine. Thanks!

I’m resisting. At least until there are 100+ posts confirming all is OK. :joy:

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Did last night for my Nova without a hitch

Happened to me as well. As others have found, I just pulled the power and reconnected and all went well after that.

The immediate biggest improvement for me is that the app now picks up the Nova instantly whereas before there could be a considerable delay particularly after the last app update.

Getting to grips with the new presets and favourites set up. Looks useful - time will tell whether I actually use it. Reordering presets is definitely useful.

yes seems a lot slicker connecting to my NDX2, was having a few funnies last night with favourites but I’ll give it a few days. Real pity it wont store the sorting order though, drag n drop presets is definitely welcome for the radio for sure. Naim PLEASE address the display options (or lack of) in the next round of upgrades!!