New firmware update

Tell me again where the progress of the update will be displayed :wink:

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I concur with Naim 192khz playback fixed! :white_check_mark:

Happy days!


Naim tell me that this will be fixed in future to take into account the ND5XS2…

That little amusement aside the update process was very smooth indeed


Just one little issue for me using an iPad, once the update was complete no tracks would be played via the Naim iPad app but worked fine using Roon. I powered off/on my ND5XS2 now everything works!

Just wondering if anyone has volume display issues. I have set screen display to off as usual on my Atom.
I press + & - on my iOS Naim App.
Only occasionally will it display the volume.
Slightly annoying. Was cool before.
Tried all the usual scenarios power off Atom, app reinstall etc.

Weird volume displays fine with Radio stations. Wtf! :nerd_face:

Problem found. It happens 192khz playback. Fine with anything else below. I’ll call Naim.

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No mention of the ability to hide unused icons on the Home Screen… thought this was going to be part of this update… can anyone confirm?


Seem to able to hide some unused icons like Tidal and Spotify but no others.

Can’t see any difference. Or maybe that’s a good thing?

That’s part of the app, not of the software on the Uniti/Streamer.

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Aaaahhh, OK… maybe the next App update then.

whilst I’m here, I have just gone to one of my Qobuz playlists in the Naim App and chose the “add to presets” option, but the playlist does not appear in my presets on the home page. Also presets are not evident on my Atom home screen. Clearly I am missing something obvious… I have the latest Naim App on my iphone and ipad.

Any thoughts most welcome!


Edit: The above issue was on the iPad (Air 2). A reboot of the iPad seems to have solved it. iPhone (XS) worked straight away. All seems OK now :+1:t2:

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Screen freeze should be fixed, yay! No mention of the phantom mute though, let’s hope that is fixed too.

The same thing with the NDX2: I have just gone to various of my Tidal playlists in the Naim App and chose the “add to presets” option, the playlists do appear in my presets on the home page and also as presets on my NDX2 favorites home screen; but after a few seconds, all Tidal playlists disappear from both my presets on the App home page and my NDX2 favorites home screen.

I tried NDX2 restart, unplugg and restart, just like with the App and also the Android pad, but no any success…

Any idea about this…? Does it happen to someone else or is it just me…?

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just updating my atom,got error code 320,any ideas?

@Richard.Dane is there any official info on how this release along with the previous app update is meant to behave? I find it all very illogical and frustrating but maybe I’m being a bit dumb

Hollow, I’ve posted the info I’ve got from Naim, here:

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It seems that some things do not finish working properly, especially the main novelty, which I personally was looking forward to…

Sorry newcomer, I can’t help with your issue. If nobody else has any ideas then probably best contact Naim tech support.

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