New firmware update

We have been told by Naim that the problem is a software problem, not a hardware problem.

Exactly what I am alluding to. But software needs hardware to run on. So a 77 euro popular micro server ends up in a lot of houses and open source is a powerful tool.

I think that I am in a position to judge and my conclusion is that, so far, Naim have failed to deliver in terms of software quality and reliability.

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None prevents Naim from adopting software solutions that are available, reliable and well supported. Bryston, Sonore, Melco and many other manufacturers do this.

I do think it’s odd that some experience issues and others not.
My NDX2 has been fine for ages then yesterday just randomly in the middle of music, not doing anything it just rebooted. Naim logo shown on the front and white loading bar on the bottom.

Very odd, but very annoying.

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Not really, we have been through this.

That’s easy. Obviously they didn’t. I meant that I won’t judge the reasons why as I don’t have the data, and was referring to “I do not trust their capability to support and maintain their own software any longer.”

I totally agree with this opinion! +1

I just can’t understand how long it takes Naim for updating their firmware. Week after week goes by and everything we always get is “we’re getting close to the public release”. It’s absolutely an illusion to think that there will be no problems with the new firmware or any firmware related problems at all. I’ve already reported a firmware bug introduced with firmware 3.5.1 (an AirPlay 2 connection bug) they will not fix yet with the new firmware 3.6.0.

So please Naim do release new firmware earlier and more often !!!

(Just in case, yes I’ve already asked to join the beta program, but they currently have the maximum number of beta testers for Naim Uniti products who they can support.)


Just had another couple of reboots…

Really annoying, specially during the lovely first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major.

But I get it now!

This random reboot thing is not a software bug, it’s a feature.
In fact, it’s more than that. It’s an attempt to create life…

The ND555 has a will of its own, it’s alive!!! :star_struck:

Couldn’t resist :joy:


I have only one or two before the firmware update, now works like a Swiss clock

Very strange:)

I feel you, it is an annoying feature for an expensive toy

Now my Roon on iPhone keeps shutting down so i am using ipad, IT is a magic mystery…

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The war of the machines has started. :pleading_face:


Hmmm. So here I was expecting fancy shiny machine endoskeletons would come marching down the road. Instead I’m going to be eaten by my Star. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nobody ever said, the apocalypse was coming physically…
… maybe driving human beings mad with strange, sudden, and indeterministic behavior is enough? Promising heaven, and then always stealing it away with our without excuses (=error codes)? (Not to mention manipulation through sound, both audible and inaudible.)




Anyway, the update is coming before (last) Christmas folks…

Why do we need a firmware update? I … I do not remember …

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Seems the reboots are not so bad after all :wink:

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Reboot, did someone mention a reboot…1.8K comments can’t be wrong…can they :wink:

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Someone should do a percentage of posts mentioning actual reboots vs. posts containing only hand-wringing about other people’s reboots :slight_smile:
Just kidding, I don’t want to diminish the real pain of those who are more affected. Be assured that work is slogging on in the beta group with rapid updates.

Agreed. Well done to the Beta team. Ta very muchly for your good work and to all those @ Naim.

Right, reliability is boring and, after all, quite stuffy! Money cannot buy everything and … anyway this is … high-end audio, it is not computer stuff, is it?