New firmware update

It’s both!

Somehow it made me think of this quote from Jurassic Park:

Arnold: “We have all the problems of a major theme park and a major zoo and the computers aren’t even on their feet yet.”

Reboots, what reboots? :face_with_monocle:

There is no such thing as reboots…

It’s called autopoiesis :nerd_face:
It’s life at work, Naim’s attempt to create life : streamers as living beings :laughing:

—> New firmware update - #1847 by Thomas


Also Jurassic Park:

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You know, when you joke that you can’t remember the reason for the update, it’s not such a big surprise to get a joke reply that maybe it wasn’t so bad. There was even a winky emoji

I think it’s the radio silence that doesn’t help.

Huh autopoiesis … my bottle of red wine does not seem to be capable of it … too bad! At least all other systems are up an running and the scherzo of Prokofiev’s 2nd piano concert flows from the RPi running MinimServer and upmpdcli to the nDAC without the need of any streaming board, network switch, firmware upgrade … just standard components working as they are supposed to do!

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Hardly radio silence. I’m trying to keep everyone as up to date as I can, but obviously cannot be any more specific than saying whether it’s going well, or otherwise, and that all being well, a release shouldn’t be too far away. R&D, rightly, don’t want to release anything if there are still any unresolved issues that crop up in the final stages of beta testing, and if they do crop up, as can happen, that sets things back a bit while it’s sorted out. If you want to know more, you’ll have to join the Beta test team.


Should we expect some SQ improvement and new functionality with this update or is it still only about solving intempestive rebootings?

The new firmware version will be mainly focused on fixing currently existing issues.

Can I be on the beta team? Thought that there were already sufficient folks giving information to the software engineers working on this issue. Happy to add my experience to the pot and no I’m not anything to do with food catering before anyone mentions too many cooks… Just an engineer with a fair amount of years in electronics/IT including delivery of product using waterfall/agile/iterative and other delivery mechanisms.

Just recently, a bunch of posts above, someone wrote that the beta group was full for the time being, but you can email and ask

I hope Naim tries to solve the issues that many users are facing before adding new functionality if you ask me …


That was me… I’ve asked to weeks ago and they currently have the maximum number of beta testers for Naim Uniti products who they can support. They will contact me again in the future as soon as they have availability for new Uniti beta testers.

So, as you can see, it depends on the system you have. If you have e.g. a Naim Classic system I would email and ask.

You are probably right. We should still manage all expectations.

Orac, I think the Beta team is closed for the time being, unless you are an Android user, in which case I think R&D are still taking on new Beta members. You can of course email them on and let them know you’re interested and as soon as a spot opens or they expand the group for a new beta, they should let you know.


New IOS app out now, does that mean we will be getting a firmware update soon?

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It’s in final testing now. Will keep everyone updated!


The App update is to prepare the way for the upcoming firmware update. Details of the App update can be read here:


:+1: The Android is already in my Play store (Germany)

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not yet on App Store, isn’t it?