New Fraim, nearly ready for the boxes, but a few questions

I only use the plastic locators on one of the top shelves used by my record deck (LP12) as a safety measure to avoid it accidentally sliding off :scream:



Will do👍

Personally I would only tighten the metal parts onto the shelves finger tight as any tighter will crush/squash into the veneer.

Over time the metal parts will eventually become slightly loose again requiring more tightening ad infinitum.

There may be a point where the veneer/shelf stops being crushed/squashed but by then the veneer will be permanently damaged.

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Living in an area with not infrequent earthquakes, I’ve put the locators on the top shelf, but for my other shelves have left the legs of the shelf above to stop the glass moving too much.

My though was that this would also apply for the cleaners being a bit vigorous, or someone bumping into the system whilst moving around the lounge.

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Once you’ve got your Fraim sorted these would be great enhancements to your 606s…… The track audio spikes and shoes are great but the Gaias take it to the next level.


These work in a similar way to the Gias. They replace the Kudos supplied, Track Audio spikes.

Ive been meaning to ask someone…what material is on the floor-contacting surface of the Gaias?

It is a rubber/neoprene covering. Perfect for a hard floor but they also sell optional spiked carpet discs to interface between the carpet and the Gaia if you have carpeted flooring.


What’s a ball park figure for a Fraim?

I’m sure you can do the maths, even if you seemingly can’t search the internet!

Even used I paid around £650 for Fraim base. Shelves used around £400. Although I did pick up some Fraimlite shelves for around £100 each but bought glass, cups and balls on top to match Fraim. Sometimes a set appears on auction for reasonable prices.


Well done Dan. I can’t imagine a Naim support without any balls :joy:

Sorry but you know me, I can’t resist an opportunity to have a laugh


Has anyone ever pondered the cost of the Fraim with respect to the materials it’s made from and the design engineering required? Or further yet, considered that this must be the highest margin product Naim sells?

What about SL interconnects and speaker cables……?

But if you like the results, and have the budget, why the concern over the manufacturer’s margins. I’m sure there are plenty of other products to which the same concerns might be addressed…… acoustic isolation, Ethernet cables, etc. :thinking:

Just thinking aloud :grinning:


my concern is £1,000 for 2 pieces of wood

Don’t forget the metal, glass, ball bearings and assembly tommy bar……:grinning:

Mind you, if I recall correctly, similar racks from StillPoint or Townshend could have an even greater impact on one’s wallet.

As I said, just thinking aloud - I’ll stop now.


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you’re right - I completely forgot about the tommy bar :man_facepalming:

no mate never, just how businesses operate. when im looking to buy tomato sauce i dont start calculating how much it would cost me to grow a tomato


Yeah I have 3 Fraim bases and 11 shelves. But I don’t think about the money when I look at it. Money comes and goes. It’s a hobby and I enjoy my system.

It’s like saying a Naim amp is just metal and plastic.

It’s the magic that Naim creates that counts.

It’s taken me years to build up my system but I don’t think too much about how much it costs. I think about how much I enjoy it.

Maybe that will make some sense!


@Dan_M - totally get it. 50% of me goes ‘it’s for enjoyment’ and the other 50% goes ‘how much??!!!’

I can get my head around the cost of a SN3, but the Fraim is the conundrum I just can’t solve. But in the grand scheme of things it’s not a really big deal…If you like it go for it.

More importantly - hope you are doing well and are getting properly set up for a great Christmas!