New Fraim, nearly ready for the boxes, but a few questions

The main thing about our hifi systems is to enjoy it. I bet you’re enjoying your wonderful system!

I didn’t start with Fraim. I considered other racks. Living with it has it’s issues with ball bearings and all that glass and tightening it all up every now and again.

But sounds and looks great.

And no, not getting ready for Christmas ! Lol.


If you could do it all again would you have gone with Fraim Lite?

Nope. I much prefer full Fraim. Looks alot better and sounds better. But have some Fraimlite which I have added glass cups and balls to, to keep the look uniform and reduce costs.


im with @Dan_M on this, i have two stacks of fraim, i know dan has 3. honestly fraim is like a box upgrade vs using a more basic rack. like all these things, its how the finished sound makes us feel

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I think it’s fair to say that a lot of things are expensive these days - i mean £8 for a Bratwurst sausage in a dry roll at a local German Christmas market?! They’ve have almost doubled in price since lockdown! :thinking:

More seriously though - i wonder if there are actual optimum torque settings for the nuts & bolts on Fraim?

For instance, even the oil filter on my Triumph has a manufacturer’s torque setting. A cheapo d.i.y spanner, tommy-bar that bends really easily, and guess work tightening up seems a bit ‘meh’ to me…

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I never pay the RRP on anything. I won’t say exactly what I paid, but it wasn’t the full RRP for the Fraim, or any of my six black boxes.:+1:

That must be fun in the pub or supermarket.


I must admit…. I don’t regret taking the leap of faith for a brains & brawn twin Fraim a few years ago after 10 years with a single stack. 80% of what I have were used or ex demo making the prices more acceptable. I did have a thought of changing the legs to black but decided to stick with the classic cherry/silver.

As well as the sound qualities it produces it has long been accepted as a nice piece of furniture by my wife. Win/Win.

Mind you - if I was buying this twin Fraim new today it would be a pretty penny?


My dealer has this used stack for sale for £1140 so it doesn’t have to be that expensive…


I imagine a big reason for the high cost is they manufacture in low numbers so the tooling/logistics to unit cost is rather higher than for other things.

That’s a very good deal.


If only my wife would let me…and we had the space…a double Fraim looks beautiful.

While I’m a dab hand at building Fraim, this is a lot easier. There’s room for the Alessi Christmas crew too.


Nice set up. Looks like an Ercol table.


Yes, it’s a one-off prototype, which makes it extra nice.


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