New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Just what you need, another turntable to add to the collection :sunglasses:


Is there a lid/dust cover for this?

Will there only be 500 Equinox MC cartridges ? Or will you be able to purchase replacements in due course ?

Is it belt drive or direct drive?

The accessories kit includes a dust cover for the platter. No lid, but any ‘dome’ style cover will fit fine. Any lid that was tried compromised performance.


There will be spares and replacements available for any of the elements, for those whom buy the package.


Thanks Clare

Clare… thanks for prompt response.

It does seem odd and market toe-dipping, noting SME offer packaged TTs now (save the phono-amp).

And I see the TT is powered via a burndy? If so, one hopes it’s very flexible, to enable the kit to be located without issue.

Lots to like here but there’s a great deal of competition at this price-point.


Belt drive.

To be more exact, platter rotation is provided by a low-noise, high-torque, brushless 24V DC motor coupled through a neoprene belt. An optical feedback system continuously monitors platter speed, allowing the motor drive electronics to make very small adjustments in seconds - maintaining absolute correct speed and pitch accuracy for the life of the turntable.


Looks like a work of art. Looks more like £20,000 than RRP.


How long before we see the first one of these posted in “Show us your turntable”?

I’ve just upgraded my LP12 to a Radikal and Karousel bearing just a few weeks ago…

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If they make £2000 profit on each one, that’s one million profit. Even £1000 on each one generates £500K. Not bad if they sell them all in one year. Clearaudio manufacturing them, so no overheads on detooling a factory at the end of it. So I think it does make sense. Plus they gain a greater understanding of turntables / turntable market - which could be invaluable for future products.


Would be interested to learn if we may see a return of the Naim Aro Gen 2 being made available separately - the original Aro commands a worthy premium now


Bear in mind that the Clearaudio factory is used to build just the turntable (plus arm & cart), and the power supply and phono stage are built in the Naim factory in Salisbury.


good point :slight_smile:

If I had the money I’d place an order today for it

Same feeling here!

Yes, delighted to see the return of the Aro - indeed, an improved Aro, no less.

At this rate, the long delayed Naim cassette deck must be nearing readiness, surely?? :slight_smile:


Never thought we would see the return of the ARO !