New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone, and welcome to Naim Audio’s first ever turntable - the Solstice Special Edition. And welcome back, iconic Aro tonearm…

Here’s the highlights of this unique package:

• Naim Solstice Turntable NVS TT – combining core Naim design philosophies, such as multiple levels of mechanical decoupling, with a celebration of beautiful materials. Features a magnetic bearing supporting a high-mass, highly polished aluminium platter, with a unique, self-calibrating motor drive system, meticulously delivering the Naim sound.
• Naim Aro Tonearm - retaining the original’s design principles and excellence, but boosting performance further still by using improved materials – including tungsten and carbon-fibre - and adding an all-new, no-compromise bias, arm height and azimuth adjustments.
• Naim Equinox MC Cartridge – featuring a microline stylus shape - closer to the original cutting lathe head to enable the retrieval of accurate high-frequency information - and a boron cantilever, a stiff-but-light design that faithfully transfers the stylus movements to the moving coils.
• Naim Solstice Series Phono Stage NVC TT – the first Naim phono stage to use DR technology, first used on the flagship Statement amplifier. Sophisticated, ultra-low-noise Class A design with dedicated MC and MM head-amplifiers.
• Naim Solstice Series Power Supply NPX TT - powers both the turntable and the phono stage. For the ultimate performance, these two different power supplies are completely isolated, with no risk of interference. Also uses Naim DR technology.
• Solstice Accessories Set – including Digital Stylus Gauge; Bubble Level; Hex Drivers (x3); Vinyl Adjustment Tool; Dust Protector and Cleaning Cloth
• Naim Records True Stereo album – a curated collection of superb-quality True Stereo recordings, newly remastered for vinyl by original engineer, Ken Christiansen.
• Solstice Special Edition Book – including insight into heritage, technology and design

Using designs discussed at Naim since the 1970s, the Solstice turntable project combines heritage, innovation and performance. There are exquisite design touches throughout, such as the turntable plinth painstakingly crafted from 47 separate layers of wood, and the cartridge sitting in a solid aluminium housing machined from a single billet.

The Solstice Series NVC TT phono stage and NPX TT power supply are hand-crafted in Salisbury, while the NVS TT turntable, Aro arm and Equinox cartridge are exactingly manufactured to Naim’s unique design by Clearaudio. Like Naim, Clearaudio has 40+ years of premium audio expertise, including numerous patents for its acclaimed turntable designs. Naim has worked closely on the Solstice Special Edition project with the German specialist for more than two years, continually listening and refining to deliver the unmistakable sound of Naim from a turntable, for the very first time. All elements have then been precision-engineered by Clearaudio for consistently excellent performance.
Available from late July, the Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition is available to pre-order now from select retailers worldwide, with a suggested selling price of £16,000 / €17,000 / $20,000.

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Very exciting. Congrats to the design team at Naim. Can’t wait to hear it.


Congratulations Naim

I bought my record player last year. C’est la vie. A great development though.

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Congratulations, Naim. A beautiful and well thought out TT package.

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I’m flabbergasted !

Exciting news…


Up to speed. Exciting stuff, the new Phono Stage and Power Supply design looks great.


This is a very elegant and stylish design, the engineers have done a wonderful job - congratulations to all.

I also really like the design of the power supply and phono stage. I hope this signals the style for the update of the classics range when the time arrives. Again very elegant and it will blend well with the current range during the transition of styles.

Interested in the limited number. Is this a lead in to a general range of Naim turntables Clare?


No decision yet on future turntable plans - let’s get this one launched first :slight_smile:
There will certainly be no more of this collector’s edition package.


It’s almost sexy in a hi-fi type of way. Someone had to be first to say it, may as well be a Kiwi :joy::flushed:


Lots more design and technical detail in this piece, plus first impressions:


Wow! Great news! Can’t wait to hear one!


Is the new Aro form/fit interchangeable with legacy deck installations for Aro Mk 1 ?

Wonderful news bringing back the Aro - iconic arm.

Looks a great piece of kit, well done Naim.

Phew! I’m done with vinyl so my bank account will be spared. The rest of you can form an orderly queue for the 500 of these that are up for grabs.


Wow. Great news! Can’t wait to hear one!

Great news

I wonder how it compares to the Klimax Lp12

Only 500 though…. Surely these will sell out fairly quickly

Expect to see 500 LP12 on the second hand market ??

I’d rather save up for an ND555 for that kind of money :moneybag:

I gave up on expensive vinyl some time ago


All things considered, although way over my budget, I was expecting the price to be considerably more! Presumably due to partnering with an existing turntable company.

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Wow. Fantastic if it sounds as good as it looks.

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Well done Naim. Very nice indeed :ok_hand:

Is the NPX TT power supply still linear (with a SMPS for standby) or fully SMPS ?

It is indeed fabulous news. I’ve long thought that Roy et al. would be the ideal team to design a world beating turntable, and here it is! Would love to hear it - the reports I’ve had from the lucky ones who have done so have been rapturous…