New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Thanks Chris, much appreciated.

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might want to add HiFiOne to that search…

Thanks, that’s good advice. I did eventually manage to find the right site, but there are more than 20 Rick Browns in Carlsbad.

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@Cohen1263 @ChrisBell

I see that ChordMusic Phono is another option for Solstice. But looking at the description on the Chord website, you can choose either straight or right-angle DIN connector, and slim or reference cable, depending on the geometry of the deck. Which version is compatible with Solstice?

Other than a confirmation from Chord that their Music cable is compatible I don’t know the details. I’ll inquire and ask which DIN they use.

Okay, thanks. The other issue is thickness of the cable. I have a Music interconnect, and it appears to be too thick to fit under the deck.

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Did you add that new pair of SL2 tweeters yet?

And can it only be played backwards today? Hint, hint