New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Can’t say I have ever had a problem with VTF. Set and forget for me

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Naim recommended ‘between 2.2 and 2.4g’ for VTF; I had not checked mine in many months and it reads 2.32 on the supplied scale today. So I appear to be just fine!


I guess if it’s loose a single measurement doesn’t tell you that much, as when originally set it would also have been within the recommended range. Measure it again in a few days / after a few records. Does it still read 2.32 ?

After playing 5 lp’s this evening it now reads 2.34. Given that the last digit is not significant, in a technical sense, the scientist in me says it reads “the same.”

I thought mathematicians and scientists are super precise with significant figures but engineers less so if it is within specification

Anyone who uses an instrument must be aware of the concept of “significant digits.” An engineer would not (should not) rely on insignificant digits any more than anyone else. Because putting significance on information that by definition is not significant . . . is erroneous!

It leads to erroneous conclusions…such as that my tonearm has a problem because it reads 2.32 one minute and 2.34 one minute later. By definition, those two readings are NOT “different.”


…but, on setting up, I can easily discern a difference in soung resulting from a 0.02g difference in tracking weight (not going to get into the difference between this and force!).
This has happened on each time I’ve set it up, presumably cancelling random (as opposed to systematic) errors in the measurement. Some cartridge manufacturers are pretty specific about tracking ‘weight’, others offering a range.

The LP has arrived; thread here: Look what arrived finally


Yes, mine as well. Single LP, in a cardboard sleeve that has bounced along from place to place. Filthy vinyl full of scuffs from the journey…The music is nice enough-something for a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the condition of the record has permanently placed this release back in the Solstice box never to be played again. Shame.