New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

That’s great. I don’t know why it makes a difference, which may blend in whether or not your interconnect is fully wired, but I just had a hunch. Maybe @110dB could explain, if they see this.

@Richard.Dane - do we have any updates on the new
counter weight?
Thank you for looking into this Richard.

Nothing as yet. Last I heard just before Christmas was that R&D had made one that had tested well and was ready to be put forward for production. IIRC the next step was to get costings and then approval.


Still very appreciative of the insight here, thanks again. I had a little time this evening to test all 3 inputs with the input trims set equally, they were pretty much the same. I think I initially had a difference between 8 and 6, now they both play equal levels. Still seems to be a bit lower in volume compared to when 333 was the source (For example, volume at 10 o’clock position on Solstice vs 333, there’s a difference and gain was set at 5 clicks on 333, 10 at Solstice). Eventually I’ll figure this thing out :slight_smile:

I got more Solstice newbie questions for the experienced, thanks in advance for the insights:

  • Anyone tried another mat? I’m considering a rubber mat but I couldn’t be sure I’d be doing something that is recommended to avoid. Would this have an impact on tracking weight adjustment?
  • Anyone experimented with capacitance and resistance adjustments? Would certain settings have an impact on expected life of the cartridge?
  • I’m at 2.39g after trying 2.30g for a while but made this change during break in so it was hard to observe any impact on sound quality Any recommendations on ideal weight?
  • What’s the expected life of the cartridge? Will there be replacement cartridges available in case of accidents?
  • What’s the recommended way/products to clean the cartridge? I have one of those simple bottles that looks like a nail polish bottle , I think it works fine but I have no reference point for it whether it’s a good method. Looking at a DS Audio stylus cleaner pad which looks effective.

A while ago now, very early in the thread, replacements should be available

I would be very surprised if there was any mechanism where phono stage settings would affect cartridge life. But every day is a school day, so very happy to hear if I’m wrong on that one!

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Thank you, I’m relieved to see that spares and replacement part.

@Cohen1263 is your guy. Even if he went today for an SME. I so understand him :grinning:

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What can I say Rooster? The thing is a rare flawed product from Naim IMO. I can’t say that I miss mine!

My advise would be keep the package as is for now to avoid potential shenanigans and when/if any alternative counterweight becomes available buy it. Don’t rely on many Equinox cartridges being available in the future as and when.

Also if a better arm cable can be sourced that can be routed with the difficult Solstice exit point/lack of clearance then buy that also. The supplied one with it’s RCA’s is p… poor.

Apart from that enjoy the deck which can be considered good value as a package at less than £10k which they are going for now.

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If your nail varnish bottle lookalike contains colourless or pale blue ‘Stylus Clear’ liquid, you’re using a very good stylus cleaner.

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Can i ask all you Solstice owners in what “standby” position do you leave it in when you’re finished using it ?

I just turn it off using the power button on the deck itself.

Naim have said they will support Solstice with Carts etc (According to my dealer who I trust)

In you opinion… seems fine to me for the level of deck.

I think that may be the key, you were trying to turn it into something it is not. In the end the only thing original on yours was the deck and arm. It is sold as a package for a reason and I think it was good value at £16k (not that I paid that) , compared to a Klimax LP12


Yes, this what i do, but what condition of standby do you use ? Full off standby or low condition standby ? Listening to all those relays clicking when you switch it on or off worries me of possible relay failure.

I don’t actually know! I know I have it set so that it does not go into auto standby though!

It’s funny how acquisition bias is so obvious on forums :grinning:. I appreciate anyone wanting to defend their expensive purchases but it does seem to distort reality.

I stand by my judgements. I feel that the Solstice should be more easily upgradable and facilitate changes like just about all other decks of note. Naim weren’t shy in manufacturing the ARO 1 and Armageddon back in the day. Thankfully the LP12 obliged and as the sound of the Solstice definitely improves with a better cartridge and phono stage why oh why??

I’m not the only former owner to have had problems with the RCA’s that come with the arm cable. The underside exit for the arm cable might limit the cable choice but BNCs sounded much better although soldering them to that cable is a challenge for even the most skilled fitter.

But enjoy your Solstices guys. It certainly has that Naim tuneful sound. My SME 20 mk2 is better overall but only on a par in that aspect of the sound :+1:


The arm cable aspect also arose with legacy SMEs – I was told that with early SME20s, it was the first thing to be replaced, for there were far better options available.

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You were saying :wink:

I fully acknowledge the solstice is far from perfect and I am annoyed Naim seem to be abandoning it. If I do sell it however I will not be coming on here highlighting its flaws for everyone to see.

Also, when you consider that the Phono stage and PS are £5400 on their own current prices make it the bargain of the centuary!



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I’m making the best vinyl sound, but I use a Superline/Supercap which makes the Solstice shine.