New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Reviving this thread as I sit alone with my thoughts and wonder whether Naim have made progress with alternative counterweight(s).

Who might know?!?!?

Yes-I would like to know as well!
I hope the project has not been tabled…no pun intended.

It’s not a huge thing for me, as I’m thoroughly enjoying the music with the Solstice “as-is.” But I’d really like the optionality!

Solstice as is ? I remember you went for Superline / Supercap, not ?

You are correct. Bart is not using “as is” but switched to SL/SCDR. :slight_smile:


I mean the table as-is.

SL/SCDR trounced the supplied phono stage.


If the Solstice really was the best TT that Naim could make, it seems odd that it can then be “improved” by substituting other stock Naim cabling.

Can this really be so?

As has been pointed out on here (repeatedly) in the last three years or so, Naim never represented the Solstice as the best they could do - rather that it was what they were going to do.

Hence why it could be upgraded by other Naim cabling, power supplies and phono stages (then at least)…

To spend that amount of money on a Naim TT, then to upgrade it using Naim’s own cables is verging on the ridiculous!

Queue all Naim owners who have purchased PowerLine, HiLine, Super Lumina . . . .

But anyway, @Richard.Dane might you be able to send an inquiry over as to the status of the alternative counterweight project?

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Bart, last I heard the prototype was done and it was in for consideration by management. I have not heard any more since then, unless @110dB has any news.


TY Richard!


Spend £16k on an LP12 and there is still plenty of scope for Linn’s own upgrades to cost £££ more in addition.


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This is ONLY about the ability to use a wide(r) range of cartridge options on the Solstice turntable.

Something vinyl enthusiasts have on almost every good table.

Whilst Naim made a small number of tables, hopefully they’ll enable the project.

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Not much more, actually.

The LP12 has been going since the early 1970s, and any which have been bought since then can still be brought right up to current spec.

If I could buy a new LP12 or a new Solstice today, I know which I’d choose, without needing to think for more than a second.

All dependent upon perspective I suppose, but another £10k is “much more” in my eyes (another £34k if you fancy a 50th anniversary edition!).

Not sure I disagree with you though, I have an LP12 myself, despite being one of the seemingly small number of people who was impressed by the Solstice on hearing it.

Some people just seem to have a down on anything Naim and Linn do that they don’t own :shushing_face: :wink:

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I agree Bart although I experienced an issue with both the ARO2 and its arm cable plugs. Fitting BNC’s to the arm cable didn’t work out either as I lost one channel. The difficult to connect to Clearaudio arm cable was deemed to be at fault. There will be some fun and games to come for many owners when it comes to cartridge change time. Getting the head shell fitting and the anti skate/ counterweight to “dial in” with many cartridges other than the Equinox hopefully won’t be too problematic. I have to say each upgrade that I did to the deck wrought a significant improvement sound wise. It really can be a very good deck to listen to when upgraded as you know. Naim were are a street ahead of SME from my experience when things went southward!!
Hopefully my turntable luck will change when I buy an LP12/ARO from Mr Swain. It’s still a mighty fine combo IMO.

How is that any different from – for example – buying a NDX2 and then upgrading the cables to a PowerLine and HiLine?

Yes I’ve been sorry to read of your trials and tribulations. Fortunately for me, setup out of the box went well and, touch wood, it’s been performing as it should! Given my overall lack of mechanical aptitude I am loathe to start trying to dis- and re-assemble small mechanical parts on my own. I know myself; “don’t do it!”

Back in late 2019 my plan was to get an LP12 from Mr Swain on his spring 2020 trip to the States. We had it all specced out. Covid cancelled that . . . and so I just went in other directions.