New Lennon and McCartney song released

Now I wonder which one is which??:thinking::rofl::rofl:

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Am I missing some kind of in-joke? I have no idea of who those men are.

Primrose Hill

℗ 2024 James McCartney

Released on: 2024-04-12

Composer, Writer: James McCartney
Composer, Writer: Sean Ono Lennon

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Why would it be a joke?

Because that is not a photo of John Lennon or Paul McCartney.

If it’s a photo of sons of theirs, those sons are cynically using their fathers’ names.

Who ever said it was.

Oh don’t be so silly.


With the greatest respect, it is you who is being “silly” (your word).

I think that 99.9% of people who know anything about music would understand a “Lennon and McCartney” song to refer to one written by John Lennon and/or Paul McCartney.

It’s a shame if they each have sons who seek to trade on their fathers’ reputations in such a way.

I don’t get it either, though clearly nothing to do with the musical pairing by that name as the thread name without explanation suggested to me causing me to look, presumably that being intended. Though I haven’t opened the video I suspect post 3 gives a clue - actors or comedians perhaps, from whatever show or act Primrose Hill may be

No, Sean Ono Lennon and James McCartney have written a song together, using their full names and as far as I can see making no attempt to pretend that they are their fathers.

I can see a distinct resemblance to his father in Sean’s face looking at that picture.


No no they’re not the messiahs they’re just very naught boys.


Correct me where I go wrong please;

Mr S Lennon and Mr J McCartney have written a song together, so they are well within their rights to say that it is Lennon and McCartney.

Whether you like it is irrelevant, these are their names and they are free to use them as they see fit, they won’t be the first people to ride on a famous parents coattails and I very much doubt that they will be the last.

The legacy of John and Paul remains firmly intact.

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But no-one would give their music the slightest bit of attention, were it not for their parents’ world renown.

I don’t give two hoots.

A bit like Scott Moorhead then.

Is the new song called ‘Nepo Baby You Can Drive My Car?’

In what way is there any similarity, please, between Jeff Buckley and these two?

Sorry but you do give two hoots, your comments show that.

It is easy to go wtf, when you see beyond the headline and easy to feel the way that you do.

Are James and Sean playing on their famous surname, of course but I bet that the name McCartney opened a few doors for Stella and Mary in their chosen careers.

I very much doubt that this Lennon McCartney collaboration will be as successful as one that was forged in the 60’s.


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I actually posted the photo at the top because of the clear family resemblances. Not as any comment on the music etc. I don’t think there is any mistaking who they are.


So these kids (well they’re actually all grown up) shouldn’t do anything cause their fathers already have. Should just lounge around snorting coke and crashing cars. Sorry that’s a bit harsh, it’s their last name and last time I check a free country. While it’s true some kids do try and cash in on their famous families it doesn’t mean they do have the right to use their surname.


There has also been rumours about the below in the past but it never happened.