New loudspeaker - life after SBL?

Hi guys,

After some while of very much enjoying my TT again, I am just thinking about next update. Loudspeaker.
I have 52/135 passive setup and my great love is my 30 years old SBL mk1.
Very much love the sound and speed. Only downside is my room - 40qm all plasterboard under the roof. Lower frequencies are difficult as you might imagine.

Thinking about an alternative.
What about

  • kudos 606
  • neat 06
  • PMC

My favorite is kudos, but have not heared any of them.
Any ideas for my research?

Or SL2? Or even keeping SBL :o)

Thanks a lot for your help

Ps: have seen a tot topics here on kudos, but have not found an open one.

Having had a similar problem with lack off bass, due to wall construction from my active sbl’s, i finally found the pmc fact 12.
Fantastic speakers that work very well naim, so much better than the sbl’s even when they had a nice brick wall.
But speakers are very room dependent and the only way is to try yourself at home, once you get the right ones,mit will be plain to hear

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Thanks a lot. Nice speaker.
The new speakers must be capable to be placed near the wall. Not SBL like, but no placement 50cm from rear wall. Must be around 25cm max.
I assume both kudos and pmc can be placed that way.

I think you will find that the pmc’s are fairly easy to place, as mine are nowhere near in the best position, but still sound fantastic without the dreaded bass boom

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I have my 606s close to the rear wall and work really well. Bass isn’t a problem. They are heavy.

A well respected dealer has 808s close to his rear walls at home.

Speakers are a very personal choice and can be very room dependent.

I auditioned Kudos and B&W last year choosing the judos T606 as my preferred choice plus they work well in my room placed either side of a chimney breast and 26cm from the rear wall, they do not seem to be that fussy on room placement.

Ironically when I had my olive system using Epos ES14 speakers the dealer recommended that I upgrade to SBLs they just did not work in my room so a home demo is essential.

Enjoy your search for new speakers.

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What about Neat Xplorers. I had Sbls for fiver years and enjoy the Neat Iota very much. It is Ambit warmer and more forgiving but have the same tight, deep bass. I think It can do with 20-25 cm.

I went from SBLs to SL2s and found a very nice improvement - and they like being up against the wall. I thought that 606s which I heard at a dealer event didn’t sound enough better than my SL2s to be worth considering - but really liked 707s (lots more bass). Also need to listen to 808s but getting carried away there. Trying to resist dealer offer to bring a pair of 808s here :grimacing:

SL2 is not that easy to get these days. Had an offer a while ago and hesitated. The lack of base is for SL2 as well. The 707 might be a bit too big and I assume to big do a bass jump when compared to SBL :o)
I have to Hear all of them and afterwards do a home testing.

How is the kudos 606 (or 707) in speed and dynamics comparecto SBL. That’s what I really like with the SBL.

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In my L-shaped living room the PMC’s perform extremely well with my Naim-setup. Positioning is not that difficult and bass-issues aren’t heard of very often, due to its transmission-line concept.
I.m.o. a possible downside could be, what I would call, their ‘unforgiving’ characteristic: badly recorded/mastered albums are presented as is, and do sound bad! Luckily the opposite situation fully compensates this: well recorded albums do simply sound really superb. Why not give them a home-demo, and compare them with other favorites? Success

@Mike12 What model of pmc do you have?

Having used SBLs since the late 80s I declare a certain bias. The fact is that if you like what they do they are really hard to replace. Speed and their natural way of handling voices is balanced by a fast tight and restrained bass performance. Modern replacements that I have heard are bright and not really my cuppa ( Kudos, Linn etc). How about a sub turned downto give the bass a subtle uplift while keeping the strengths of the Sibbles?

That’s exactly my dilemma. My ears are running SBL … since 1989…
Tried a lot with subs … have a sizemik in the Surround setup. But all efforts integrating the sup made the sound too slow.

On the other hand I do not know if my sbls became a little tired… I have to try a comparison to newer speakers…

Fair enough that you have tried subs. I find some recordings have so much bass it’s uncomfortable while others are so bass light, perhaps a majority, that you crave a little more bottom end. I am content that this, for me, is a good compromise. I would keep your Sibbles while you try some alternatives. You might just put them back in…

There’s no other speaker on the planet that does what SBL’s do. They have a unique magic. DBL’s are the same. But if you are looking to make a change be sure to listen to ProAc K series before making a decision. I’m so pleased with my K6 Sig’s. (former SBL/DBL/Titan owner)

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PMC Fact.8 :blush:

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Chris the K6 Signatures are WAY more money than any Naim Speakers. Maybe ProAc D30RS ?

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I suggested the K series.

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Yes you did. K6 is an amazing speaker as it should be for $26,000.