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hi folks just checking in as I’m new here. Just took the plunge with ndx2, sn3 and xps today so I’m now in the club!! Having tried this combo today I have to agree the xps is a noticeable addition to the ndx2.

Anyway happy to be here having been following this forum for a few weeks whilst musing over what system to go for.

All the best


Welcome to the forum, the xps dr is a great upgrade to the ndx2 and your amp, what speakers and cables are you using.


Welcome to the forum mgmvegas!

The XPS DR > NDX 2 > SN 3 is one fantastic system and one I am sure you will enjoy! (…I am a little bias, since I pretty much have the same configuration).

Be sure to post a picture in the System Pics 2020 thread.

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I went for focal kanta 2 …not decided cable’s yet ! I will probably go with the stock connections for now ( shoot me lol )

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Thats a good plan, the standard Naim cables take a lot of beating for vfm. Oh and i have heard that system…its a really good balanced sound…enjoy.


Nice one ! I’m tempted with the hicap dr for the sn3 but I couldn’t hear much difference tbh.

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I had the XPS DR > NDX 2 > SN2 for six months then had a home demo of the Hi Cap DR for and as you say it was a modest improvement vs what the XPS DR brings to the system. Something you can look at down the road after your system gets settled in and you are comfortable with knowing the sound in your own room and environment.

As Gazza mentioned the Naim NAC A5 is excellent and works well, my system, my room and my ears, I picked up a used set for a great price from dealer. You can do a search on the forum for cables and spend hours pouring through the many options/opinions, there are plenty!


Welcome, superb system.


Congratulations, great system. Had a listen to Ndx2/SN3 a couple of weeks ago. Very impressed. What a start to the world of Naim

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First off welcome @mgmvegas. I second StuW, what a hell of a system right out the gate.

Gosh how I miss Vegas! First place on my list once Covid is under control

Went there last year, I am still trying to make sense of it! :thinking::grin:. Amazing place but topped by a trip to California

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I just want to feel safe traveling without thinking about Covid. Alas another topic. I’m impressed with mgmvegas system. Luckily I have no space for a XPSDr. At least that’s my excuse. lol

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thinking of buying the same at present - just trying to get clear which speakers to add

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Cheers Marcus…lol I’ve only been vegas once to watch nayweather v Hatton…Great Times

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Welcome, what a great system you’ve set up. Many many happy hours of music await.


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