New Naim Audio Website

Today saw the launch of a new and refreshed Naim Audio website. You can see it here;

As any new website is always something of a work in progress I thought this might be a good thread to get any feedback on any errors, omissions, and provide somewhere for members to suggest ways to improve it for the future (To that end, please would members keep any and all criticism strictly constructive).

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


I hope you’ve not got any plans for the next few days, Richard :wink:


Very nice, although it would be nicer if you could jump to sections instead of always having to go back to the pull down menu, especially for the separates listings. :wink:
Only thing I noticed in the way of something missing was the statement Pre…:thinking:
Statement Power amps were listed but not the pre🤷🏻‍♂️


Yes, I noticed that as well and also there’s some overlap of the images that needs sorting out. I think that’s part of the work-in-progress part, but good to mention anyway.

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Under Naim Universe, there’s a tab to locate ‘Resellers’ – but it doesn’t explain how/why a reseller is different to a standard dealer (amongst other things), and the list opens out to the main dealer list? Looks all very awkward?

e.g. are we talking B-stock and/or ‘used’ post servicing/fault addressed?

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On first look, there are so many flashing lights and flicking from one thing to the other. It’s not going to work for anyone suffering with epilepsy and I’m rather surprised something so basic got through. It’s like a hyperactive rabbit.


I noticed the change a moment ago, looking for serial numbers.
It would be nice if the year listings had been brought up to date.
These are the last three lines, so 2022 is still open!

465614 - 483205 – 2020
479206 - 504760 – 2021
501092 - – 2022


In the NSC 222 specifications there are many non-English (German, I think) words. I haven’t checked any others.

Edit: Same for the NAC 332.


@Richard.Dane - Still no official version of the Balanced Connections White Paper…?

pdf’s for Product Histories…?


Worse, Not Better. IMO… But YMMV… :thinking:

Hey Richard, Look is nice. The Pages support for the nDac and dac-v1 disappeared. I was Just looking to download “last” firmware updates and my saved links sent me the new website home page.
Any idea if it is on purpose or will the pages will come back later… because I just put my hand on a minty nDac.

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I don’t know Riko, however, if it’s on here then Naim’s marketing team will see it when I give them feedback from the thread.

The Accessories tab on my PC is all over the place. Simply flicks to other pages uninvited?

This takes you to a page with a link to download it

Seems OK for me (Mac Safari 15.6.1).

Which browser and version are you using?

@Richard.Dane - Are Cymbiosis, nr Leicester no longer a Naim dealer…?

On MS Edge (latest v.). I cannot move down the page – it seems to pull my last page selection up as I roll down (weird).

Can’t find the page for Naim records. The link takes you back to where you started.

Also don’t like the term reseller .

Might have changed now but it has been Powerline till now AFAIK. Hiline or Hi-line? Seems like there are all versions floating around. Power Line, Power-Line, Powerline.

I have no idea. I would think so. As I say, I’m told it’s still WiP, but good to mention just in case.

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