New Naim Radio stations plus a radio upgrade for all Naim streaming systems

Great added value feature from Naim esp. @Stevesky

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I had to uninstall/re-install, which looks like it might have done the trick. Thanks.

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Listening to Naim Jazz HD now through Nova and it is sounding absolutely brilliant- well done Naim. Maybe I am being a bit thick but is there any way of finding out what tracks I am listening to?

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Try as I might I can not find that in the menu.

I was the same before powering off and on my atom I now have the HD folder :blush:

We’ll be adding more metadata detail shortly. Until then, the Shazam app maybe useful :slight_smile:


Thanks very much

Brilliant and very much appreciated!!!

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I’ve powered off both my SU and Muso and see the new stations under the Naim’s Choice folder but don’t see a HD folder. I’ll check again later and see if that changes.

That’s because it’s for the new platform and not the SU.

Ooh, that’s a nice boost on the Nova. Thank you Naim!

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Just open the Naim app window and it shows artist and track. At least it does for me.

Not for me I’m afraid

Though the legacy products have all had a boost up to 320kbps across that Naim’s Choice selection

Thank you Naim. Its a nice surprise as SWMBO and I are listening to more and more radio.
My only issue it my Muso 2 is playing in Ogg Vorbis, not FLAC. Is there any reason for this and how can I change it?

Ok, good to know. I don’t really use iRadio much anyway since I’m streaming FLAC via minimserver. I’m going to add that Mother Earth station to my playlist. Good find.

Hi @IainW

That is just a reporting issue and sorted in next software version.

Primarily they are flac stream but in an ogg container to make them internet friendly. The current code reports the container, not the format within it.

Overall you are on the right stuff. :sunglasses:


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Many thanks for the timely and comprehensive response.
Congratulations on a well received update.



Mine is showing like this - OGG Vorbis

That’s odd. I wonder why? Maybe they were playing a song in a different format? You’d think it was the station rather than the song though.