New Ortofon cartridges

Saw this earlier - the 2MR range, low(er) profile cartridges designed to work with a popular turntable brand that begins with R…


Yes, an excellent idea, styli the same but with a lower body, no more need for spacers.

A great MM alternative, P6 with 2MR-Black and P8 with 2MR-LVB should be nice into XS3/SN3/N50.

For the money of the Bronze I would personally prefer the Exact, a minority preference I guess.


Nice idea but £360 for a bronze, just to lose a shim.

These new 2MR carts were discussed in depth on another forum and they do look very promising indeed. As a 2M Black user (with the appropriate 4mm shims), I’ll be looking at the 2MR-LVB as the next logical upgrade, this or Rega’s own Ania Pro…


There is nothing wrong with Rega shims.

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Agree, but neither is accurate adjustable VTA for optimal cartridge alignment - it would be great if Rega acknowledge this in time.

In the case of needing 4mm shims for the correct 2MB set up, the Rega dustcover catches on the counterweight. Not ideal!

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When I had a P9 + DV XX-2 Mk 2, adding shims caused an easily audible deterioration in the sound. Usual caveat, this is my experience.

An excellent bit of product development by Ortofon imho.


Aren’t they the same price as the 2M ? I see both versions of the Bronze are 399 EUR on the Ortofon site.

I wouldn’t pay extra for it (VTA doesn’t really make a difference), but if identically priced I would surely get the 2MR for peace of mind.

And with that now a range of 4 available generator versions for the styli:
normal, with bolts, in headshell, new lower R version.

It’s a pitty that they did not make it Rega 3-point fixing.

It would have interfered with the generator most likely.

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Exactly this. Right now I’m using Exact on a 50th Anniversary P3 but when the time comes to replace it I want to try something different.

I’ve always had an eye on the 2M series and now it is basically designed for a Rega arm it makes the option more attractive.


Totally agree. I almost gave up on the 2MB as it sounded dreadful at first without spacers, with horrendously exaggerated surface noise - hardly any now in comparison.

Have to admit that I’m thinking of choosing a Rega cart next, probably the Ania Pro, but not entirely sure, although Rega version of the 2MB LVB250 does look tempting. Will see.

Hope you don’t mind @YetiZone, but have you considered a P6 upgrade over a cartridge upgrade?

The P6 is quite a step up from the RP6, the P8 a quantum leap forward. The Exact cart is a wonderful match for the Nait2 internal phono stage. Used prices could make these P6/P8 with Exact combos within range of Ortofon cartridge upgrades on your RP6.

Alternatively, a P6 with the new 2MR-Black, or P8 with the new 2MR-LVB could be the ultimate tickets. Directly into MM of the Nait2, no need for a phono stage that could be sold off with the RP6. Just some thoughts after reading your posts and your profile.

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No problems at all - thoughts most welcome :sunglasses:

I do have a little experience of the latest P6. As soon as it came out I listened to the P6 + Ania and thought there was little gain over my RP6. Not enough of a leap to justify changing anyway. Then listened to an RP8 + Ania, and that was an improvement, but again, not big enough and left the dem a little disillusioned. Admittedly I’ve not auditioned the latest P8 or P10 directly against my RP6, so I assume (hope) they’ll offer a significant increase in fidelity when heard side by side. Maybe i’m expecting too much!

I do keep meaning to go and listen to new kit as I have a 5K upgrade stash waiting to be exploited, which I know doesn’t go far in terms of high end audio and is paltry to some; but somehow, the system as it now stands, just sounds so ‘correct’ in my space that I’ve been loath to upset that balance. If anything it is the digital side of things that is crying out for an update. I seem to be in this bizarre limbo state where sweeping changes could be made, but I think that to gain really big steps would need more than my 5K upgrade fund. Plus, I can’t detect any significant glaring deficiencies in what I currently have - it just plays music beautifully, despite the modest components. That said, I would like an amp with a remote though - that is a bit frustrating!

In terms of the Exact, I may be tempted to try an ex demo cart (or used with little hours on it), so that I can test it with the Nait2 phono stage. Although, when using the 2MB, I have compared both the Rega Fono2 MM and the Nait2 phono stage and just prefer the Fono2 - every single time (I don’t mind the extra box).

As an aside, we do have significant building work commencing early in the New Year, where the system and records will all have to be packed up and mothballed for something like three to six months, so after that work is done I’ll be setting up my studio (main listening room) from scratch and can then look at the system holistically and hopefully move forward with some changes.


And that is the most important!

That sounds like a serious undertaking, good luck!

“That sounds like a serious undertaking, good luck!”

Thanks, good luck needed indeed!

Yes, the building work is going to be a lot of fun - new drains (I have to unblock them every few months - what fun), a new roof for the garage, kitchen, dinning room and studio. The dinning room and kitchen to be knocked through to make one big space, and then a new kitchen / diner layout.

The best upgrade will be that my studio is to be rebuilt from scratch, as its only single skin brick on two sides, with no insulation, so it gets very cold in the winter, the lowest temp I’ve recorded in there was 5°C last December.

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Apologies for thread diversion - back on track. The new Ortofon 2MR Bronze…

Good luck with the house renovations @YetiZone i wish you well….keep saving for the inevitable :joy:

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