New Rega P10 announced

Rega have launched the new P10. Looks very promising with the expected upgrades based on the P8 foam plinth / structure. Interesting that the power supply echoes the design of the new reference units…

More photos / details on the Rega website - copied and pasted from Rega…

"For the Planar 10, we have used the most advanced materials and engineering solutions built around a supremely lightweight plinth to ensure the greatest level of performance.

Like its sibling the Planar 8, the Planar 10 was inspired by the ultimate Rega turntable, the Naiad. We decided early on that instead of an evolution of the previous RP10, the new Planar 10 was to be developed and engineered to encapsulate the essence of the Naiad at a more affordable price. The Planar 10 narrows the gap between itself and the Naiad even further by using more exotic materials, carefully selected to reduce mass and improve rigidity throughout the design. New innovations in hub bearing, sub platter, motor and drive belt design have led to even greater accuracy in turntable speed which directly improve sound performance.

The Planar 10 features the new RB3000 tonearm fitted with an improved, low mass, precision bias housing. We have pioneered a completely new low mass, central hub bearing assembly with improved mechanical integrity. For the first time on a Rega production turntable, a ceramic top brace delivers ultimate rigidity and accuracy whilst creating the perfect platform between tonearm and central bearing. Finally, this entirely new player is controlled by our most advanced electronic power supply housed in a brand-new, full metal custom case designed to match the latest range of Rega electronics.

The Planar 10 will be made available with a brand new MC cartridge the Apheta 3 as a factory fitted option. This new cartridge was developed alongside the Planar 10 and is using our most advanced “Fine Line” diamond profile. As the recommended match for the Planar 10 turntable the Apheta 3 factory fitted package will be available at a discounted rate, please contact your dealer for pricing.

We believe that the Planar 10 and Apheta 3 combination sets new accuracy standards in retrieving information from the record groove making this a truly ‘state of the art’ player."


Lovely. Makes you wonder why the fruit box is so complicated in comparison.

Rega do make a very good turntable.


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Came here to post this but @YetiZone got here first :slight_smile:

Pretty interesting!!! P10/Apheta3/Aura won’t be a snap purchase, at least for a person of my modest means.

Interesting… I have a new P8 and wonder what the price differential of the P10 will be in comparison. The P8 is fantastic value for money and I guess given the specs may be close to a P10 with the same MC cartridge fitted.
Happy with my P8 but can’t wait to hear the new P10

I don’t doubt that the performance is fantastic. Old fashioned I know but I want my record player to look like a record player. If it was a car, the Rega Planar 10 would be an Ariel Atom.

Doesn’t stop me wishing Rega well with it.


From the What Hifi article “The Apheta 3 moving coil cartridge was developed alongside the turntable using Rega’s most advanced “Fine Line” diamond profile, and is sold separately for £1250 or packaged at a discount with the Planar 10 for £4499 (without it, the deck is £3599).”

Is the LP12 really complicated though? I don’t think it is. There are a lot of options – plinths, power supples, subchassis, arms, carts, etc – but that’s a good thing, surely? Once you’ve had a Linn set up by a decent dealer, you can just sit back and enjoy the music…

That RP10 looks nice however…

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It does indeed look nice and if I was staring over again I would be tempted! I love my LP12 though and it will more than likely outlive me…as complicated as I am!

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Edit - sorry @Eoink, just saw your pricing post above :slight_smile:

UK pricing as follows…

RP10: £3,599.
Apheta3: £1,250.

RP10 & Apheta (discounted combination): £4,499.

Thanks Eoinc
Will have to listen to one when the dealer has one in. I still own my original Rega P3 purchased new in 1978. That really was good value for money! Will take a lot to move from the P8 now though

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Does that really make it an LP12 though Kevin ? Some of the aftermarket stuff they put on the thing these days makes me wonder why they bought an LP12 in the first place. Saying that, i did love my LP12 (when i was a vinyl fan) and i still think they look great (and are able) to make great music out of the black stuff. I just like the way that Rega do electromechanical things - a lot like Roksan but without the dodgy looks of the later Vertere record players.

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That sums it up very nicely Chris.

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I’ve been looking at the photos in more detail and think this new P10 looks tremendous in such a pared back form (P8 too). I heard the P8 a couple of months back and thought it very good indeed, so the P10 should be something special. Rather frustrating, but I don’t think I can get to any of the dealer launch events (grrrrr).

This deck has gone to the top of the list of turntables to audition for when I replace my RP6, but out of pure nostalgia, and love of my old fluted afro LP12, I will be checking out current Sondek options.

Surprised that they didn’t opt for a carbon fibre body.
Still a huge gap between it and Naiad.
Me thinks that there will be something in between in the future. :thinking:

I wonder how the Aphelion rates compared with the Aphetha 3.

I must say that putting Naim glass etc under my Aria this afternoon has made a substantial improvement. Now the preloved 552/500 I’ve had for the last 5 months is delivering with the Aria the excitement I heard with the Aura using the 252/300 DR. I have RP10/Aphelion.

Definitely going to be listening to more vinyl now after my love in with streaming.


At one point not that that long ago there was talk online of maybe two new turntables, a Planar 10 and also a Planar 12 at a higher price, so who knows…

I’m looking forward to hearing a Planar 10 at some point. However, I’m very happy with the RP10 at the moment so I’m in no hurry to change. However, the Apheta 3 sounds very interesting. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of the Apheta 2 so if the 3 brings further improvements that then that may be my own next step.

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Modest means, my eye! It’s all gone on those other upgrades!

Oh is THAT where it all went!?!?!?!?


I’m inclined to agree with you here. I think what seems complicated here is just what happens to your mind when you behave like a kid in a sweet shop, looking at all those possible upgrades you could have. I had an LP12 for about 30 years, and it went back to my dealer for a full service when the cartridge started to wear out. Other than that, it just worked.