New some help: more 333/332 issues

I am asking for some help or suggestions with another issue I have encountered with my 333/332. I moved some of the boxes and disconnected and then reconnected the system which resulted in essentially no output from the system. If I turn up the volume very high then I can just about hear the source but obviously something is wrong. Some things I have tried:

  1. Checking that the streamer output is connected to the preamp by the 5 pin DIN and making sure that the DIN output is selected on the Naim app.
  2. Changing the DIN cable to XLR cables between the streamer and preamp and making sure that the XLR output is selected. No difference.
  3. Listening to the preamp using headphones. No difference.
  4. Trying different sources (server, CD transport, internet radio. No difference.
  5. Resetting the maximum volume. No difference.

I suspect this is user error but I am baffled at this point.

Try a factory reset ? It’s the small switch in the back. You have to hold it in for 30sec from memory.

The NAC 332 I mean. I did all the set up in accordance with the manual, but had no sound at all. So I did the factory restart.

I had a similar issue on initial set up. Its works fine ever since.

I don’t know if I did something wrong or if the manual was missing a step on how to set it up.

I suspect it was the latter, like make your settings than turn it off/on again to save the settings. Or hold a button for a while to save the setting etc

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You can also Check your trim setting see whether it’s default or…

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Do you have both plugged into an extension block and powering up together? I found that I need to plug in the 332/350s (into standby, all at once is fine) then plug in the 333 and let it go through its power up sequence and then go back into standby before waking everything up with the standby button on the remote.

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So is everything ok?

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Thanks so much everyone. Unfortunately the problem persists.

I tried factory resets on both the 332 and 333. No difference. Checked the maximum volume and trim. No difference. I am beginning to suspect there is a fault in either the 332 or 333. I had the same problem when I first got the 332/33 and it resolved by switching from XLR to DIN output on the streamer, but I am suspecting that was a coincidence.

I would check if those Burndy blanking plugs have come adrift on the rear. You won’t get any sound unless they are plugged in (unless you are powering the units from NDX300 of course)


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Thanks so much. I did try to retighten the bundy link plugs on both the 332 and 333. I also have one NPX 300 and connecting either the 333 or the 332 to the NPX300 did not resolve the issue either. Interestingly while I was trying to chase down the problem it did produce sound for a couple of minutes but then went back to no sound after I put the 332 and 333 into standby and then powered up the 332 and 333 again. I am now wondering if there is some special sequence for connecting the power cable, the DIN cable or the SA cable which, if done out of order, leads to the wrong input/output setup.

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No special sequence I am aware of. Naim kit in my experience tends to be extremely resilient and although best practice is to switch on source, then power supply, then pre and then power amp it wouldn’t in truth matter - it should still work.

In my experience the NAP350 didn’t always wake from standby despite the presence of a signal occasionally, so I would certainly consider that too and manually hit the power button on the power amps if needed.

I only had the 300 series in the house for a couple of months or so though so perhaps others who own them can chip in.

If checking Burndy plugs, blanking plugs, cables including speaker cables doesn’t sort it out then a call to your dealer would be a wise move unless you know forum members nearby.

Good luck, the fact this happened after you moved stuff around makes me suspect a connection somewhere though.

Jonathan G

Johnathan, thanks again for your thoughts. Unfortunately I have no sound whether I use the 350s or the headphone out of the preamp so I think the issue is confined to the 332/333 and the 350s are not involved. I have put a call into my dealer and I’ll contact Naim support if needed.

Are you sure you don’t have an input assignment issue? The way this is done, and the way it is described in the manual, is unintuitive and badly explained, so it’s easy to get it wrong.
If that is your problem, this post may help:

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Contact your dealer .

I’m starting to get a bit worried about these issues.

I had my 332/300 running in overnight (it’s had about 2 weeks burn in so far)

My active ATC’s were switched off. I turned them back on and only had sound from my left speaker. My right speaker had the white noise hiss coming out. Like if the system was on, but not playing.

I turned the NAC 332 off/on via the remote control. The sound then came back from my right speaker.

Admittedly it’s the only time this has happened & I turned it almost off a day ago to move the 332 to another shelf up and my DAVE to where the 332 was on my rack. Turned it back in and it was playing just fine. Until this morning….

Still, this is quite concerning on an expensive , brand new preamp/PSU and I may not be the only person seeing this happen by the looks of it.

Seems like there’s some issues w the add on of PS /333 … or the burndy connections ? Put me into consideration to have a PS add on for now… do not want to risk having any downs from the ZERO issue of having just the 332 to my 350s :grimacing:s. So not gonna touch PS for now …

Thanks so much for all the support. I really appreciate it.

I believe I have now found the problem and fixed it. I think it was entirely user error and not a reflection of anything wrong with the 332/333. For others who encounter a similar issue here is how I believe this arose:

When the 333/332 was working I tried to adjust the trim setting on the streamer. Because I did not press the entire button sequence it actually remained in the source select mode. So while I thought I was adjusting the trim I was actually switching the streamer input to preamp 2. Thus, no sound since I had nothing connected to the preamp 2 input. Coincidently, I switched off the system immediately after I made that change to rewire the system. I forgot about the trim adjustment attempt and so assumed that the wiring was at fault.

I have to say that the manual didn’t help since several things are either not described or described in a way that makes it difficult for someone new to the system to understand. For example, the manual talks about reassigning 6 inputs on the preamp and this is all you see on the app. However, if you manually set the preamp into source select mode there are in fact 8 possible sources to choose from, input 7 being the streamer DIN input. Looking back this all seems obvious but to me it wasn’t. What I should have done was test the system every time I made a change. If I had done that then I would probably have realized that the issue was with the source selection not the wiring.

Thanks again everyone!


Great !!! Enjoy!!! :clap:t2: