New speakers for 9 ft x 9 ft room

Due to a recent living room alteration , I’m now left with a 9 ft square listening space, so looking for small suitable speaker recommendations , these will be driven by a nova, thank you

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Any Totem Acoustic bookshelf, depending on budget, on a decent stand.



Neat Iota gets a lot of love especially with Nova
(Allegedly developed with Naim amplification)


Square rooms are notoriously difficult when it comes to bass control. Small standmount speakers that don’t go deep will make things much easier in this respect. If you really want deep bass in a small square room I would go for small speakers and a sub (or better still, a pair of subs).


I have a set of KEF LS50 metas with my Nova in my office. Really like them.

Do you mean that space as in those are the room width and length (please say it’s not also 9ft high)? Or do you mean that space within a larger room, in which case it would be useful to give overall dimensions and shape, identifying where within it the listening area is situated ( a sketch would be invaluable if not plain rectangular).

In a room that small, you really need a pair of small, sealed enclosure speakers. Rear port bass reflex speakers will take up too much space away from the walls

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No clarification @Rubber?

Ophidian Minimo 2 are worth trying - remarkable for there size

I hate to say it, but in a perfectly square room, without some serious furniture or room treatment to try to break up the “squareness” of it, acoustics will be your biggest issue. If it’s all stud walls and the ceiling height is also 9ft then you’d be best just using headphones…


You can find lots of Linn Kans on eBay.

A ‘Marmite’ speaker, if ever there was such a thing, but my son uses a pair that I rescued from near terminal decline.

ATC scm 7 or 11 or proac tab 10


The living room is about 20ft long and about 11 ft wide, I have been allocated the smaller end, which reduces in size to roughly 9 ft it’s where my hi-fi and speakers will be set up, so a shorter listening distance than before

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Hope this helps

Ah, much more promising.

I used an Atom and Proactive Tab 10’s in a similar sized space and they worked beautifully together. I would definitely put these on your audition list


That certainly looks better than a 9’ room, although you will have reflections from the side wall on the left which is likely to make the sound rather unbalanced.
To some extent you can compensate for this with the balance control, but experimenting with speaker placement and wall coverings can help a lot.

Oh, I did wonder, noting the wording of your original post. There is nothing wrong at all with nearfield listening in a larger room* - in fact in many ways it is beneficial. Ideal is the side walls as far away from you as possible, ditto the rear wall from the point of view of interfering/muddling reflections. Also ideally left-right symmetry particularly in the area from behind the speakers to the listening position.

If the room itself is only 9 feet wide at your listening area then getting the speakers a long way from the side walls is difficult, and you would certainly benefit from absorbing panels on both side walls at the near reflection points (the point where if you were sitting at the listening position and there was a mirror flat on the wall ms you would see the speakers).

*FWIW, in my approximately 23x24ft room (oddly shaped) the best listening position as assessed using REW measurement software (commended), with my previous speakers (fair size floorstanders) was with them just under 9ft apart, 2ft from rear wall, and listening position about 8ft from the plane of the speakers. (All measurements relative to the centre of the front baffles.)

I’m reading good reviews on the Neat Lota’s I listen at low levels, would these be beneficial in my listening area? Also can they be toed in?

I’m confined to a 9ft x9ft room myself, albeit carpeted. I found the PMC 25.23 lacking in bottom end so added a REL 5x to the mix. The Dynaudio Heritage Specials I wanted for so long are excessively boomy in this room, even with the ports completely blocked.