New Supernait 3 and power supply?

Hello all,
Hopefully my questions will be allowed. My understanding is that sometime in August a new SN3 version with white LEDs will be made available. Does anyone happen to know, and be at liberty to confirm, that the white LED is the ONLY change to the SN3? Meaning everything else in the unit would be strictly unchanged except for the white lighting?
And what about the power supplies? Has a compatible unit replacing the HCDR been planned or has it all been dropped?
Thanks for any feedback you may have. Brgds.

White light only to compliment new classic
Green light available on request. :+1:t2:

HCDR dropped but some dealers may have stock still.
I know Cymbiosis had some. :+1:t2:

It won’t have a white light. :-1:t2:


Dream on, Naim never reveal forthcoming releases like your request.

We can all but guess what their next move is, lots of speculation in another thread, I won’t repeat here.

Yes, please see the sticky thread here from back in May where the white LED Supernait is confirmed;

AFAIK that’s the only change, but I guess Naim might reserve the right to make changes between now and the August launch, should it be necessary.


OK, clear. Thanks for the responses.

And you’ll be gobsmacked by the improvement in sound brought by the white LEDs!


Nah, the light are always greener on the other side!

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Haha, wonder how to explain my Rega Aethos has the Red light…

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As does Roxanne :thinking: :wink: