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Well @Antsan, you need to get all that amazing kit itemised in your profile so we can all ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over it properly and then ask you lots of questions about how it sounds etc…:wink:
I will just add that it does look amazing👍🏼
PS… Welcome back😊

Full fat 300 - 333/300, 332/300, 350 I am guessing plus ‘another’ item!


That’s an amazing system. If it was me, I would arrange it with two stacks of Fraim. I now have three stacks and it works much better that way.

Your system has big wow factor. I have same speakers only in Concrete finish.

2 stacks with 4 on each as you have 8 boxes. I am upto 13.

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I guessing Rega Phono & maybe power supply for the other 2 boxes🤔

It’s very simple. 333/300. 332/300. Two 350s. That’s six NC boxes. The other large box in the stack is a Rega Aura phono stage. The P10 power supply is in the record rack.

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How does it all sound? I bet that system really lets the Sopras shine!

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