New Tv confusion

So many out there now, lED, QLED, OLED ,etc so came here for proper advice, only one small problem max viewing distance is 7ft, Hopfully something that would go well with, Sonos Beam, mini sub, Sky UHD , thank you

What’s the budget? As you can spend £300 to £3000.

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Hmmmm and out of that single image I can deduce that no cats live there!


Loewe Iconic, just £6.5k for 55” or £8k for 65”
Pretty sure you can get a decent telly for less than that :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Budget dictates what you can focus down on, I’d be inclined to lean towards an LG OLED in terms of picture quality, their WebOS is also reasonable to live with, some TV’s have poorly implemented software so may appear a bargain only to prove awkward or sluggish to use. Any of the premium brands will be fine for a budget option, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips as examples.
Look at places like Costco, they often have heavily discounted models, also the premium brands tend to do annual refreshes at the same time each year so last years models get heavy discounts around that time, now is actually a good time to be looking around for discounts.

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Not sure that 7ft is a problem viewing distance… It simply means a big TV experience is cheaper than if sitting further away, a 42" screen at that distance having the same viewing effect as an 84" at 14ft, and that brings the potential for even larger viewing though related to that the video quality also needs to be equivalent. (For me, even bigger is highly desirable for movie watching …but not for News/current affairs, so I use a projector for the former.)

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Daughter 2 & partner have a 65” LG C2, and view from around the same distance.

£2100 from Amazon or Currys.

It looks very good. I’m trying to persuade my DB that we need one……

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I’d keep an eye out for bargains/discounts through April, it’s when LG do their annual range refresh and you’ll find John Lewis, Costco, Currys etc tend to do decent offers.
It’s worth stretching to a C range as they have better image processors and build quality vs a B or A range product.

Example here from Costco, that model was £1899, and on average is £1499 currently (Argos, Currys):

If opting to take an older discounted model, check it still has a decent amount of time offered for guarantee.
We took a Sony that within 8 months developed some screen burn. The dealer then came round to change the screen free of charge.

I have always chosen Sony TVs, because of the clarity and brightness of the screen. Sony used to market TVs under the Trinitron brand, but more recently they use the newer Bravia trademark.

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Personally I think the brands of choice for highest quality 4K now are actually LG and Samsung, rather than Panasonic and Sony.

Interestingly, unlike a couple of years ago, you can now buy a 4K TV of about 42” which is fully-featured and with a top quality display, so for a smaller room that could be an attractive option.

Yes, it’s a C range that Daughter2 has. I’ve been trying to discover what the difference in letters means; there’s also a G range which is another thousand (however still a good deal less than the £5K we blew on the Pioneer 504 back at the turn of the century….and yes this is the same buqqer that will not “die” and force the issue……not even one dead pixel!)

My DB is currently at Daughter 2 for the weekend, so I’ve instructed said daughter to run up some Attenborough and show Mum how good the picture is! :laughing:

G is very similar to C series in terms of image processor and OLED panel, apart from the fact it’s designed specifically to be hung on the wall on a special (supplied) bracket. G is for Gallery, as in like a picture in a Gallery. I’ve got a G Series in my lounge and it’s basically flush to the wall (20mm depth), with 4K Dolby Vision content it’s pretty much as good as it gets unless you jump to a proper laser based projection setup, then you’re in to the £10s Thousands bracket :face_with_spiral_eyes::partying_face:

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Hmmm, so are you paying an extra thousand just for a “special wall mount”? Or is there “something more” picture/sound quality or functionality wise, for the G range over the C range?

It’s mostly cosmetic and mechancial differences, the majority of what an LG OLED offers with respect to picture quality can be had in a C Series product. I’ve got both ( 55” C and 65” G) and they both perform well/measurably equal.
The key distinction between ranges is EVO image processing which primarily provides additonal brightness and is where the extra cost comes from.
I’d suggest buy last years model around the April time window, they tend to be a lot cheaper and if you can accept owning last years tech get a lot of TV for less than it cost just a year ago.

That April window is worth bearing in mind. Interestingly both Amazon & Curry’s currently have the 65” C listed at three hundred more than daughter/partner paid for theirs, only about six months ago (and, yes, I’ve been tracking the price on a regular basis). An uncharitable person might suggest that the price has got up to accommodate a “Spring Discount Sale” in the next couple of weeks…………

Cynical? Moi?

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Not that its any good to UK folks but LG in Australia currently have 20% off their OLED range of TV’s as new 2023 models are coming out soon here. Not that I need a new TV but the 83 inch C2 Evo was very tempting at AUD 8000 in the sale in JB HiFi and I just seen it online at AUD 7000 at Retrovision

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I use sony led and find them to have fantastic picture quality. Im put off oled due to screen burn which can permanently damage the screen. My friend uses a sony 65” led with a viewing distance similar to you and its really impressive, and not as overwhelming as you may imagine. He tried a 55” and that was very good but 65” is just awesome.

I’ve had a 65" LG C series OLED for approaching 5 years now. I was persuaded to go to this size by my wife and haven’t regretted it at all. We sit 3m from the wall hung screen and it looks well balanced on a largely empty wall . As others have suggested, a 42" (or possibly a 55") would be a good choice for you. I made a cardboard mock up and put it on the wall - helped a lot!

The more expensive LG ranges traditionally have the same panel but better sound - you don’t need this if you are using a soundbar so I would recommend choosing a LG size that suits your room but definitely going to the C range.

I read of others suffering ‘burn in’ with OLEDs - never seen it nor is it a worry. I didn’t need the brightness of backlit LED screens and much prefer the picture presentation of the LG OLED.