NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

Yes, of course. New generation. My only other concern, which has been one for me all along with the Unitiqute range, is the top volume knob. Great on my Muso 1, but will be useless if I was to stick it on the shelf where my V1 currently resides. I guess that’s what the remote is for…


Yep. I never use the knob ever too far away and use Roon to control it so wouldnt change here

Will wait and see if any power amp options come up for it.

The balanced XLR preamp outputs are interesting as they are not ideal for the NAP200 or NAP250. Perhaps they hint at a Focal/Naim active speaker or even a forthcoming new batch of power amps.

Exciting times.

No imminent plans, FYI.

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Atom has never had DIN.

Some early reviews coming in, FYI


Hmm, not quite, I think? The web site says the opposite… switchable output selection:

Offering yet more flexibility, you can keep up to three headphones plugged in and switch sets depending on what you’re listening to and when.

Yes, I know, but imo the Atom was never meant to use a separate amp. But RCA>DIN should be fine for most with existing Naim amps that want to use it as a preamp.

I do wish I’d known about this before I bought the Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 for the office!

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No, that means physically switch sets. There’s switchable output selection for headphone/pre-amp mode (toggle the headphone button on the front panel), but not within headphone mode.

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Hmm… might want to have a word with your web writing team then, as

you can keep up to three headphones plugged in and switch sets

doesn’t sound like a headphone-out vs pre-out description. Sorry if this is veering into nit picking, we are supposed to be having fun with the announcement! Cool either way, he said with max supportive tone fully engaged!

Regards alan

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That’s just what I’m thinking @Timbo. My next upgrade is the Active ATC40’s in the lounge (I have a mullet system with the passive versions which will be tended to next). And I’ve been going round and round that blasted Naim pin din merry go round and thinking I’d have to leave Naim. This is really good news.

XLR outs is the absolute bulls eye for me. This is fantastic news indeed. :grinning:


This is the solution I’ve been waiting for from Naim. Look forward to listening and hopefully getting this. :+1:t2:


@clare.newsome Hi Clare, was it challenging to replan the release of the new baby into the world? as I know May 2020 was on the cards but obviously had to change. And did this mean those bods downstairs could tinker some more?
I think this one is going to sell like hot cakes, it seems to tick a lot of boxes.


Welcome to the forum @AngloApulian - it’s a good 'un…

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So if I would replacy my Atom with this one, I would notice an improvement in sound?

I use my curent Atom as a preamp driving my power amp (using RCA to XLR cables) and subwoofer (also RCA to XLR cables) using an RCA splitter.

This Atom Headphone Edition seems to be perfect for me even though I don’t really use headphones much…


I wrote the first draft of the press release at CES in January 2020! And yes, you know Naim - if it isn’t launched, it’s fair game for fettling until the last minute :slight_smile:


As ever, these things are so system dependent. I’d certainly suggest an audition.

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Looks cool! I wonder if there will be a matching shoe box power amp to replace the Nap 100 or are active Focals where we are going?


I wonder whether this could become the new normal for mid-tier Naim systems. Lower tier would be the Musos and all in one Unitis. Mid-tier would be streaming pre-amps and power amp/powered speakers.

I think this would keep 90% plus of the people very happy. Unless you need tape loops and multiple analogue inputs then such systems would provide all you need. Could this be the beginning of the end for the Nait integrateds? As a Supernait2 owner I hope not but progress will not be stopped.

In this vision only the upper echelons (NAC282 and above) would be separate streamer/pre-amp/power amp.