NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

You are right. I had been trying that and when it didn’t work I thought it was the new Pentaconn.
Anyway, the XLR output won’t work for me. I’m using a cable that is terminated in XLR with an adaptor for 1/4" plug. That works fine so I know the XLR connection works OK. It works on my V281.

Are you switching the headphone button on (the one on front panel with headphone icon) when you connect via XLR?

Pentaconn and 6.3mm outputs are auto-sense, so the headphone button will automatically light up when they connect. XLR doesn’t support that, so you need to manually press to illuminate that headphone button. Otherwise you are in pre-amp mode.

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Thank you!! I didn’t know that. That was the problem.

I should read the manual!



@clare.newsome Can it be used with fixed output as well- straight into an integrated amp like the SN3?

No, it has permanent volume control (shared pre/headphone stage).

Otherwise, imagine if you could set it to max, and then plug headphones in…


I can confirm that using the preamp out into a line stage works fine. The same as using the V1, it just doesn’t have the faux fixed output setting. As for switching to headphones, no problem, since the Atom HE automatically saves independent volume settings for headphone and preamp.

Is it true that no metadata and covers are shown if I use the atom as an endpoint for Roon?

This is false. The album art is shown and track info shows when wave hand in front.

The only time this doesn’t come thru is if you connect to the Atom as Chromecast endpoint in roon. Not sure why you’d do this since it’s also limited to 24/96 this way. Just a music symbol shows on the screen.

I have no issues using as a roon endpoint playing use to 24/192 files wirelessly. Not a single dropout with roon.

Totally untrue. It has one the best Roon integrations out there along with all the latest Naim range.

Metadata and cover art showing perfectly on my Atom HE when I use Roon.

Thanks. Read this in another forum. Good that it’s not true.

It’s possible it was like that on the Atom in very beginning. Don’t think they had official roon endpoint and needed to use Chromecast.

The nice thing about the HE is already have several years of software updates baked in with another one planned for this summer. I don’t use Tidal, but announced Tidal Connect as big update. But I’m sure there will be more smaller things included. Hopefully they’ll add bit rate to the display when view track mode.

I wonder what one these would sound like plugged into the balanced xlr inputs of a high end power amp ie. Dan D’Agostino Momentum etc etc…

Another Award to report, from Stereo + in Norway

The four-page review concludes: «…The result is so fine that you probably won´t find a Naim product which plays this good per dollar anywhere else in their portfolio. And if anyone is unsure it´s worth its price tag, our opinion is that it could have been sold as a streamer and pre-amp only at this price. The excellent head-amp is almost a pure bonus…»


That thought has crossed my mind, i.e. my 300 DR. I’ll wait for a NAP 100 replacement. Hopefully, it will have a balanced input.

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Having tried the unbalanced out from a Nova into a D’Agostino Progression, pre/power amp (I know it was silly but it was in the demo room on the day) I imagine that it would sound much better than some would credit it should.

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Also no issues with Roon nor cover art. Either via tidal/Qobuz or local files

Another interesting review to share - Uniti Atom HE with active speakers



…best to concede…