NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

Consider it “constructive feedback”. :wink:
(And of course everybody has own needs, wishes, use cases, and existing audio equipment they want matched … - and would like to get the “perfectly personalized product” (or hope to raise the case for the future roadmap), while others want to co-manage the product portfolio - as Germany has about 80 million soccer coaches, whenever there’s a world championship.)

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Clare has already said “not anytime soon” or words to that effect.

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Indeed. Current focus with this launch is to cut - not add - boxes.


Your system isn’t that modest compared to many systems , I enjoyed the pictures of it and have a Nova, ClearAudio Emotion, a CDX2 myself.

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I was actually just thinking I would want to do this, connect a computer to an input…I’ve currently got active speakers on my desk running off my Mac but this would be a nice little box to sit on my desk next to the computer and connect the speakers for music but then I’d also need to run the sound from my Mac through it if I’m watching video etc on the computer

Good to see some new developments going on! Congratulations with the Atom HE - I wonder how long it takes before someone starts a “272 vs. Atom HE” topic :wink:

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I am using a Nova with a just bought new Quad Artera Stereo 140 watt power amp currently. The Quad power amp is a quarter the price of a NAP 300DR and sounds sublime into my SL2 speakers. The volume control on the top of the Nova is a bit of a pain mind you, and I can’t use the XLR balanced inputs into the Quad from a Nova. But maybe from a Nova HE…

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Tact personified.

That’s where AirPlay 2 comes in :slight_smile:

YES! THANK YOU! i had an atom as a head phone amp and returned it. I am very excited to try this!


Good point!

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Old Macs had inbuilt digital out; but they removed this feature.
“Worst case” (from signal path), you can use the analog out/in, just with your active speakers. :wink:

Well, that’s all my insider knowledge used up.

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We’re on a similar path here I think. My first question to you is, Do you already have a Core @paulbysea?

Also thank you for making it happy to work with other gear. I have a few headphone tube amps and its great to know i can use them happily as well.

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That’s assuming your computer runs MacOS…

Many don’t. I actually was recently trying to use the USB as an input for measuring the room using REW. Airplay is not an option, Chromecast only works from certain application supporting it. Only Bluetooth left. A USB input would have been nice.

Which begs the question, which boxes will be cut… So far we’ve “lost” the 272 and gained the Atom HE, so amounts are unchanged.

Let the speculation begin!

I think Clare was referring to cutting down the box count in your system, which this new Atom HE can do rather nicely, even going as far as coming in a small box itself.


What a fascinating product. Well done Naim!

I had an Atom and I though it was excellent. I used it as a pre too into an external power amp and it was a really useful upgrade. I pondered at the time the possibility of using the Atom as a streaming pre into active ATC’s. I moved it on but the use case has lingered in my mind.

I also had cause to put headphone option into the system via a Headline/NAPSC only last week. This would have made a really interesting option indeed.

Anyway, really nice product!

Yes, exactly this @n-lot

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