New way to Roonify legacy streamers

Ifi Audio have just released a upnp bridge that allows upnp devices to be seen in Roon. Likely easier to get hold off than the Sonore one as its a software solution. It looks like its a simpler version of the lms to UPnP LMS plugin as they credit its dev. Looks easier to setup than that version.

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Just for windows at the moment… worth a look?

Its free so I would say so. I think its based on the lms plugin as they name drop the developer of that one. Looked at the code, it is just the lms to upnp plugin by Phillipe44 with a simple windows gui as all the source files are there. So its nothing new just likely easier to use


I wonder if it will work on parallels with a Mac?

I have no idea what that is, I dont use mac apart from at work.

No worries it’s just a way of running Windows on a Mac.
I’ll drop them a line and ask Martin at Audiostore whether his black boxes can run it … but if it’s free he might not be keen.

I quickly took it for a spin, more for interest sake, multiple crashes/error messages that were incomprehensible and then it tripped my antivirus program so I deleted PDQ.

It would be nice to get lms-to-upnp running in a container, I’m not too sure how to do that so run with the full LMS server in a container on my QNAP. Maybe if I find time over winter I’ll have a tinker.

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I never got the LMS one it work properly either or successfully detect and work. Oh well one to ignore.

I had good success getting it to run under Windows, bit of messing about with the configuration files required.

I now run Logitech Media Server with the lms-to-upnp plugin in a docker container on my QNAP. It’s been completely reliable but it would be nice to remove the complexity of the media server and just run the plugin standalone.

I’ve had the plugin working fine on a RPi albeit the autostart isn’t working quite right, need to look into it. I also just tried the iFi plugin on W10 tonight and it worked without any problem. Again just need to look at at getting that to also autostart.

Just a quick update on the iFi plugin for those interested…it doesn’t seem to offer all the same options in Roon as the standard plugin running on the RPi. For example, the DSD strategy doesn’t appear. Maybe they have tweaked the code and always expect it to be used with an iFi product and for example always accept DSD and have therefore removed some options?

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