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Yes plug straight into the wall, avoid a cheapo extension lead - if you need one talk to your dealer - music works are quite popular. Once settled down maybe consider a powerline - available second hand from the usual places if you are patient.

Re speaker length I think Naim recommend a minimum from memory 3 or 3.5m but key is both are the same length!

Keep engaging with your dealer re advise. The forum is excellent but no substitute to having a f2f relationship with some one that knows, you, your room and your system!

Congrats! You will appreciate. And think you’ve should done that buy earlier.


I thought I’d put some first impressions down, in case someone else like me is browsing here trying to make decisions.

Have whacked the Nova into the KEF Q350s pending arrival of the Spendor A7s, and I’m even more excited for their arrival now if the SQ has improved so much already.

I can confidently say that the Naim Nova outperforms a Denon CEOL RCD-N9.

Bit shocked actually, I’ve never heard anything that good before - and it’s not even run in yet or paired with suitable speakers. The Q350s to be fair sound very sweet, but you can tell the amp wants to do more than they’re able.

The main thing that struck me is the extra speed; then the separation.

Anyway I’m now mulling over the Tellurium Q Black ii cable (fastest upgrade ever?). Thanks again for everyone’s advice and comments; it does help people connect with a new system.

** mulled - Black ii now ordered. Anyone who likes Totoro has taste I trust **

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It depends on what you’re looking for. The Blue can be a bit warmer, the Black is a bit more neutral and revealing. I like the Blue since i do long listening sessions and they are easy to listen to and non fatiguing, but if you like to listen more into the details the Black could be a good upgrade option.

Here is a nice recent article about the Blue that i feel gives a good overview of it’s characteristics, strong points and potential shortcomings:

I’m sure they will. They are a myth anyway. The question is whether someone is willing to sit down, relax, and listen to music.

My system was recently finished and my better half visited (not living together) to check it out. She likes music but the details do not interest her, and her opinion was always that a kitchen radio is good enough, music is music. I sat her down on the couch with a drink, started an album, and left her alone. When I returned 15 minutes later she sat there with tears in her eyes, “never heard anything this beautiful”.



Not necessarily with a Uniti if the cable is reasonable (TQ is) and maybe you should avoid 20 cm :wink:
There is quite some discussion about length with a Uniti and TQ cables in this thread, though it starts about power cables:

Thanks for the link, very interesting.

I’ll be able to compare the Blue 2s and Black 2s once the system is run in a bit. My (premature) impression is that the Nova is good enough to be leaned into more heavily, and because I’m partnering with Spendor A7s, I suspect the speaker will give me that bit of fun and character.

I’m sure I’ll be delighted with the results either way, first world problems.

Give the Nova 100 Hrs at least. Also consider Witch Hat cabling with the Nova…

That may take some time with 3 kids and a business to run! Good excuse to work in the lounge with some background music I guess…

Mine is on about 75-80 Hrs so far and still has a little edginess. As I borrowed a 2 year old ex dem for three months I know that the end game will be open lush and wonderful :slight_smile:

All aboard the Cat Bus!! Regarding the mains, yes, just plug it into the wall socket - the fewer connections the better. The BII cable is very nice and hopefully the money to avoid spending on an unnecessary filters block will pay for the extra cost of the cable.

I would imagine that the Nova and A7s will be brilliant.

The Black IIs I’ve ordered are factory terminated with some special sauce on the terminals too, whereas the dealer-provided bananas on the Blue IIs look pretty generic and plastic - can’t hurt.

Was streaming Amazon HD via Bluetooth last night, and then switched the same track to Tidal from the Naim app and was amazed at the jump in SQ. Can’t wait to hear the A7s if they get here in this snow: my Q350s could only allude to the low frequencies.

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Welcome. Oh yes you’ll appreciate it!



I think the Nova is often underrated. When I recently upgraded, I couldn’t bring myself to part with the Nova and it is now doing sterling service in the living room having finally worn Mrs PW42 down until she let me move it in there. She is now really enjoying using it with my ancient B&W DM4s and it sounds very good indeed. So a bit of a result and proof of the Nova’s quality.

As mentioned above, worth thinking about a Powerline in due course. By far and away the best tweak I made to the Nova (others being of marginal, and probably “all in the head”, benefits).

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Good to hear - yes the Nova is certainly all the hi-fi I imagine I’ll need for a good while. I never really wanted a rack full of gear and so it’s a great, neat solution - and I can easily plug a telly into it in due course to enjoy movies on (again, never been interested in multi-channel).

I do think a Power-Line might be sensible - don’t think I could justify the full fat one but the Lite might be an option. I’ve no idea how the Power-Line Lite would compare with the supplied power cable with the Nova, which I imagine is decent anyway. But my view is I’d rather get this expenditure out of the way now so I can then sit back and enjoy the fruits - absolutely no regrets buying the Nova now I have it.

The Nova should come with a Powerline Lite

Didnt your Nova come with a Power-Line Lite, it should have done? Anyway, I would urge a stretch for a full Power-Line as mentioned above it is the easiest no-brain vfm upgrade to the Nova.

Ah right - that would make sense it did look a fairly chunky thing… so a full Power-Line?

At least I only have one component to power!

If funds are tight have a look at Custom Hifi Cables PowerBlack cable. About a quarter of the cost of the Powerline and made a substantial improvement to my Nova. There are a fair few fans of Sean Jacobs cables on the forum

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What did you play for her?

My wife has the same view, quite content to listen to a cheap Bluetooth speaker!