Next Generation Klimax first listen

Had my first listen to a Next Generation Klimax yesterday and it was wonderful! No dealer close by has had one until just recently. It was so nice and convincing that I’m going to try that both that and the Selekt at home directly into my 500. I’m trying to simplify and have thought of an integrated (still am thinking about it) but after hearing the Klimax that may be the ticket.

The dealer was using it as a preamp as well running direct into Vandersteen amps and speakers. We listened as a streamer first and then on vinyl. The presentation of the LP 12 with Urika II was awesome as well. I could potentially eliminate 6 boxes, burndys, etc. if it sounded as nice at home into the 500.

We will see though. Has anyone else compared a full spec Selekt to a Next Generation Klimax in their system?



Not heard that comparison but I’m very interested in what you think after trying it.


That should be an interesting comparison. The latest Selekt with the Utopik PSU seems to be a very flexible, yet high performing solution. I do wonder how good a match either Linn model direct into your 500 will be though, as these amps tend to like a 552 or S1 ahead of them. If you’re thinking of going the Linn route and want to stick with Naim amps a trial of the 350s might be worthwhile ?

As a NG KDSM owner, I’ll be interested in your findings.


I thought next generation Klimax wasn’t to be discussed until month end announcement.
Oops. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The NG (next generation) KDSM has been available for the past 2-3 years.
The internet has been good at keeping the embargo for the next product in place. No one knows what it will be

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May be it’s a Power DAC Amplifier?

Oops :+1:t2:

Interesting. They do have a Power DAC implementation for the bass amp in the 360 speakers and the existing amp range is pretty old now.

End of the month announcement eh ? I’ll tell Mrs_n to hold off on choosing my Birthday present :crossed_fingers:

I checked out the Wadia website . The company produce a315 (Twin) and a340 digital mono power amp(Solo).

I am now using the NG Organik KSM/3 directly into a pair of the Linn Dynamik Solos, because Linn dropped their analogue Klimax Kontrol years ago and they believe that the latest generation of the DSMs’ digital volume control have improved considerably since then.

However, I would be interested in your experiences/findings.

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Talking of Klimax, I had the pleasure of listening to the 360s today with 6 REL subs at my dealers. Absolutely stunning. Probably the best music system I’ve ever heard. Couldn’t stay long so I can’t say if it was waring over a long listening session :wink: Told me he’d sold 2 LP12 50th anniversary models and thought they were marvellous. What a combination that should be. Makes me smile when I see how digital the ‘engineers’ at Linn have become.


Were the 360s the integrated ones or the passive ones? What was the source? A klimax? I bet it sounded marvelous. The first set of speakers that turned me into a hifi enthusiast some 20 years ago were the Akurate 242s with a Naim 500 system and LP12 as a source. I’ll still remember the album played.

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Active version with the top of the range one box Linn thingy as Qobuz source with 3 separate Linn thingys controlling each pair of RELs. Played some Live Gabriel (dealer’s a big fan) + one or two other bits plus Other Voices by The Cure from Faith which was simply stunning. If I was a reviewer I’d say not only could you feel the bass, which you could & isn’t unusual, but you could almost see Gallup plucking the strings. All the hifi stuff was in place, soundstage/depth/imaging/ability to pick out individual instruments etc. And a silent background of course. Wish I could have had an extensive listen but I wasn’t there for that so didn’t over stay my welcome. Digital at its best. I’ve never heard a Naim Statement System so I can’t but would love to compare the very best from each company. There’s some lucky owners out there.

I’ll give the Do’A a go on Qobuz later if it’s available :+1:


I bet that sounded magical indeed! Lucky you! I love Gabriel as well and saw him in Denver last October. He sounded so good and really added a nice perspective to the new album.

Just put some Cure on now! First two tracks of that Do’A album were my favorite. The first track feeds into the second.

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It’s important to consider that auditioning is not a cursory matter. The SO needs to be correctly set up, and even then you will need to beecome accostomed to the very different resulting sound.

You don’t need to use SO. If the OP decides to go down the Linn route then it’s another useful tool for getting the best from their system.

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Oooh…I can just imagine the fun comparing the two!

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Naim = PRaT
Linn Digital = Flat


@jlewis How do you like those Akubarkis? Have you ever thought of trying the Klimax in your system? Is it true that the DACs and streamers are the same in both the Selekt and Klimax? Only difference is the casing?

I have the fully implemented Selekt, with two mono Organik DACs, I would think that these are the same as in the Klimax version.
The Akubariks are fantastic, I did not realise how much so until I started using SO. Without the SO, in retrospect, ther is way too much room (bass) in the music. It’s a revelation.