Next upgrade

Right guys…

Fancy an upgrade…

Change the 300DR for a 500DR
Another 555PS for the ND555

Can’t decide and definitely can’t do both :joy:

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I’d max out your source with a second 555PS. I ran that system (albeit with different speakers) for quite a while and was very happy……but then a great deal on a 500 came along.


Hi yeah I’ve got a dedicated mains supply,8mm cable &
Unswitched MK sockets.

I do have a fraim lite not a full fraim as I really couldn’t see the need as I’ve got gaias on the speakers and spikes + Naim chips on the rack… (also was being tight as 4 shelves and bases cost a fortune) and spent the cash on power lines

Yeah I’m leaning towards the second PS…
or new speakers maybe… as I’ve heard B&W arnt the best with Naim?? But I think they sound great… (especially with the 2 rel S/3s giving the boom)

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If you can listen try both, if not the second cd555 on the nd555.

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Don’t worry what others say, if you like the speakers keep them for now. Source first, amp second and then consider changing your speakers once the rest is sorted.

There’s a big price difference between those options, so I do wonder whether the second 555PS is the best value, assuming the 300DR drives the speakers well enough.

Source first is always the key I guess…: and as I only listen to streamed music makes sense!

I always get my gear second hand… and always seems to be good deals on at the mo for the 500 amps

Would it have to be a DR ? Cos is the difference really worth it?

Yes, second hand would reduce the difference and you would sell the 300DR on to reduce the cost of a 500DR. Views seem to vary, but I would stick with DR across the system.


Just upgraded my nd555 with second power supply
I strongly recommend this first
It has been a massive upgrade as much as upgrading ndx2/555ps to nd555/555ps.
Source first holds true


I think that was the best sonic upgrade I heard on my journey… changing the xps dr to a 555 ps on my ndx2…
Wow if it’s that good I’m in lol

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What mains block would you recommend?

I’ll go with the chord…

Bought an EE switch a while back and it was a decent upgrade!
Also have a mojo 2 headphone amp and now… that’s just amazing :star_struck:

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To me I will go for the 500DR before considering the 2nd PSU for ND555. That beast 500DR is just going to complete your 552 so much.

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Definitely a 500DR, I was impressed when I heard it.
Perhaps also consider a few world cruises and make some memories :grin:

Everyone has their own opinions and normally they are worth what you pay for them (nothing), but for me I would add the 500dr. I added the second ps and really couldn’t tell much difference. But going from a 300dr to a 500dr made a big difference to me.

Why add the second PS then ? Or could you not demo first ?

I put the second PS in without telling the rest of the family. They don’t normally pay attention to upgrades but all said “Wow. What have you done to make this sound so good ?”. That was the clincher for me. It stayed.

My 500DR came later. It was a great upgrade bringing everything together. I could have lived with the 300DR. It was only a great deal on the 500DR that made me decide to change.

I am 3 days with a second ps on my nd555
I’m shocked at the degree of improvement
For me a game changer
My wife who rarely listens to my system came in and I played her Talking Heads “This Must Be The Place.” Her comment: “ oh my god this sounds amazing”
“ I cannot believe how much better this sounds!”
Woman has good ears compared to mine, btw.

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Why did I buy it? I listened to too many opinions on this forum. Plus in my case with the closest dealer being 350 miles away and my dealer being over 600 miles away, there is no such thing as “demo” for me. For those of you in the UK, you are so fortunate to have a great ability to demo everything. Buying the 2nd ps to me was one of the easier decisions. Even though I can’t tell a lot of difference, I knew it couldn’t possibly be worse. Speakers are the real problem not being able to demo. My dealer is great about taking in trades if I don’t like what I buy, and of course you always end up spending more.