Nice Photos


All present and correct


I took this pic a few years back in Byron Bay Australia, a damn fine spot I’ve been lucky to visit many times . It’s actually the screensaver on my phone , I think part of me is still there .


Vancouver B.C.


Out with the Lads!



Oh, do grow up Cyril!

Oh do grow up Cyril!


View of Riva Trigoso.Versione 2


Bridge over the River Kwai @Kanchanaburi Thailand


City of Tiny Lights (taken a while ago, before the current repairs started on the HoP)

City of Tiny Lights


Together in the Middle of Nowhere:

Together in the Middle of Nowhere






the bridge



Love Life

Love Life


Bright Lights Big City

Bright Lights Big City


some colors Jamie please, bad weather today…


Bit miz here as well.

Some Summer joy from Valras Plage then…



Pure seduction…


personnaly, but i have no photography knowledge, i prefer to see black and white photos for people faces or special atmosphere.
For landscapes, i prefer the true colors of the nature.


Walking home from work I snapped this. 60 years ago all the land on the left hand side of the photo was part of Victoria Harbour. 120 years ago, everything on the right hand side of the photo was also Victoria Harbour. The Victorian era civil engineers were astonishing.