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Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong? it was more like that?


Yes, I read somewhere that the shore front has moved around 850 metres from its original position in the 1840s. Unfortunately the harbour itself is a shadow of its former glory. Progress I guess…


you mean former british glory certainly. In 2047, will begin a new era and probably new glory. China will very probably be the leader of the world, perhaps not in 2047…


Walking down Borgo Pinti in Firenze in the rain on a Monday morning last March, I was suddenly inspired to stop and shoot his pic - regrettably only having my phone camera, so the top is kind of washed out. Would that I had one of my better ones (which are still nothing great compared to a serious photographer’s rig.)


no sun in Firenze?


Not that day, and every other morning as I walked my morning “commute” to language school the street was teaming with people, so I was very fortunate to get this opportunity.

Another completely serendipitous thing about this photo: if you look closely, the “T” street sign has a Christ on the cross added - I came to find out only after I returned to the USA that this is the work of a street artist in Florence who started doing all kinds of stuff to street signs, which of course was technically illegal, but now the town has embraced it and his work is seen all over the city, and is a minor tourist attraction in and of itself. I had no idea when I snapped the shot that I was getting it, until later in the week when I took a closer look at the sign.


to see more closely… I like it!image image


Abraham Cnet, french artist living in Italy. A “ reflexion about your common visual spaces”. These are adhesives, easily removable.
Just read that on my google friend.


Not to hijack the thread, but I really like this one:


Firenze is awesome. Was there last summer. Hope will be able to visit it again.


Firenze, at night


That’s a very clear photo frenchrooster. Nice :+1:t2:


i choosed it on google images. I am not able to take such a photo.
But nice photo indeed, i agree with you.


@frenchrooster, as much as I appreciate your contributions, when posting photos which were not taken by you, it would be nice to state that when posting it as it can be kind of misleading people into thinking you’re the author of the image. Having said that, thank for all your contributions to the thread so far.


You are right Tony, it can create confusion. Better to write the origin of the photo.


I have always understood the idea was to only post photo’s taken by yourself

  • as a photography hobbyist.


Time for Reflection:

Time to Reflect


Thanks @frenchrooster and @drmark for the reminder of Firenze or Florence as us Brits like to call it . One of my favourite cities for obvious reasons, we were back there in October and walked down this alley at the perfect time .


the goal of this thread is to share what you find as nice photos or share the proud to have taken a nice photo?


OK, Colour.