Nice Photos


I have always enjoyed looking at the old Nice Photos thread. Cannot remember OP and I hope they don’t mind me starting a new one.



Cali chillin out!


V&A interior.





Ok, it works.



The original thread was started by George Fredrik Johnson. he had a variety of aliases during his time including Agricola.

His concept was nice photos. Not necessarily the perfect professional pictures we are now lucky enough to enjoy. Although I do try now and again to return the requisite quality back to “holiday snapshot” level. And the pros on the thread are very polite about them.

it’s a very good thread to have and keep going.

I think George would be very pleased.


Thank you, Don.

I always remember George with great fondness and I hope we can do him proud.

I have no illusion of grandeur or of taking photos as good as some of the pros here but I get a lot of inspiration from them and others alike.
Now, I better dust off the old D700 and get shooting.



Yep, the pictures that get posted here really are inspirational.




Room with a view

View from our bedroom window on trip to…Well you know where.


@frenchrooster - where were those pictures taken? They look lovely.


I’m afraid I don’t understand why" this thread will close two months after the last reply".I know Richard is busy these days,so any thoughs from other members?Thank you.


Fabio, this will only happen if no one post a reply to the thread for two months then it will automatically close. That is my take on it.


Taken on one of my many trips to the Somme, a special place.



Thank you Tony.


Testing to see if detail in a downsize to sub 1000kb (568KB 1500x1000.px)
The Burren shoreline & unusual flat calm on Galway Bay


Flower Power


Summer 2018 in Florence and Venice


There was a thread about e-bikes. I’m managing a new shared path (cycling and walking), here are some photos of it: