Nice Photos


Nice photo. I think I have stayed in that very same room a couple of years ago. Nice little hotel if I recall, with a good breakfast.




From a trip to India, some years ago.


Seeberg, Mooimaak, Postberg (west coast South Africa)

southern hemisphere spring

Arctotis, Leontis, Dimporphotheca, Ursinia, Carpobrotus



What’s this then?


It’s a water hyacinth. Now, how about some of your OWN photos?


Near enough for a big cigar
Postberg Nature Reserve, West Coast NP
Spring (Sept)
100% on the flower species
And yes they are Eland

Seems like you might know the area.




Holiday 2 years ago and I’m a botanist.


orchidee ?


How about these ?

What country and name of the plant?

What country and name of the plant?

What country and name of the plant?

Hint the 2 are linked.


Your on the right track and its in my pond


Your on the right track for the middle one below but not that one.


Ah that explains the plant species.
I’ve been travelling, working & holidaying in SA since 1990. The Langebaan area is one of our favourite Cape area places, last visit was November for a few days before a road trip to & around the Eastern Cape.


what is the temple on the photo ? sorry for my english… Is it a zen temple? is it Japan ?


It’s a religions, cultural and administrative building but not in Japan.


Looks like Tibet…


no but your in the right part of the world.


Looks like somewhere in the region of north india or pakistan