No Internet Radio Today on ND5 XS

Hmmm… was listening to radio through the ND5 yesterday, while waiting for my files to transfer to USB, no problems. Today, when I press the ‘Radio’ button on the remote, I get ‘iRadio’ on the screen for a few seconds, then it just jumps back to whatever screen I was on before I pressed ‘Radio’.

Wi-fi network is connected.

Also, how do I get back to the top-level menu using the remote or control buttons?



It’s been bad over here almost all weekend. No idea what is going on.

hmmm… I wonder if anything’s up - paging @Stevesky

Hi all,

Everything is up and in the case of VTuner it’s a common server used by all customers worldwide.

I’d suggest restart your home wifi router, then any network equipment between the router and streamer, then finally the streamer. I think this is a few localised internet/networking issues.

One other thought is that this maybe a station issue. If in doubt try Naim Radio and see if that is reliable.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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It is much better now. Overload?
But I have a more general question, not that it is much of an issue. If I set stations in VTuner (and I do carefully observe all bits and pieces), they appear in “Added Stations” on the app, but I cannot stream anything. Means they do not play at all. Am I doing something wrong in VTuner or is it my Superuniti that is not compatible?
The same stations found via the app (e.g. Naim’s Choice) play nicely, though in 320 max. Again, not really a big problem, but why wouldn’t the app find FLAC-stations?

I don’t think the SuperUniti (nor any of the old streamers) supports flac iradio stations.

Thanks David. Radio is for background only, so not much of a big deal. I was wondering what the technical reason might be.

The short answer is that the old Naim streamers don’t support the slightly unusual format of OGG in a FLAC wrapper which lossless iRadio stations use.
There is a possible workaround for this if you’re interested:

Thanks Chris, but this goes beyond my IT knowledge, which is mediocre at best :wink:

I haven’t tried @Kurt ’s way if adding lossless stations, as I no longer have a 1st gen streamer but I’m pretty sure it’s fairly simple to do.

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