No search function for Tidal

Hi guys,
This is a bit weird. I have just tried using the search line (for Tidal) via the Naim app on my android phone and it keeps returning the message ‘No results’. No matter what I select from previous searches it’s the same thing.
I checked that my ‘native Tidal’ (ie the actual Tidal app on my phone) is working fine and it is.
Checked my wife’s phones Naim app… exactly the same happens, so I uninstalled the app (on her phone obviously lol) and reinstalled it from the Google play store…so a fresh download. Makes no difference…still no Tidal search.
It was all working fine a couple of days ago so does anybody have any idea of what’s going on???
Tidal playlists work fine, my playlists work fine as does iradio.
Any ideas folks???
Equipment is ND5XS.

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