Not all Tidal playlists show up on Tidal in Naim App

I have a Naim Uniti Atom HE 495834 and want to use it to stream my Tidal playlists. However, not all of my Tidal playlists show up in the Naim app. They do all show up in the Tidal app. When sorting the playlists alphabetically, the list stops at playlists starting with S. I have tried logging out of Tidal in the Naim app and logging back in. I have changed the Tidal password so that it has no special characters. I have made sure that the firmware in the Uniti is up to date. I have called the store where I bought the Uniti and they did not have an answer for me. What else can I try?

How many tracks are in your playlists?

All but three have less than 500 tracks. I can try splitting up those playlists and see what happens.

OK. Edited playlists so that all have less than 500 tracks and all Tidal playlists are showing up. But now I get error messages saying “Streamer not responding. . . Try again?”

If the playlists are working properly in the Tidal app, you can use it with Tidal Connect, bypassing the Naim app completely. This should get round the 500 track limit, which is a restriction within the Naim app, not the streamer itself.

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Thank you for telling us about Tidal connect, we were not familiar with it and it works great. We are now using it all over our home. Robert


Just figured out Tidal Connect for my new NDX2 too. Works great! Thanks!

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